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Rank Name Raised
7030th Andres Mackintosh Andres Mackintosh 3years $491
7031st Rachelle Eason Rachelle Eason 2years $491
7032nd Kara D Volpe Kara D Volpe 5years $490
7033rd Samantha Richards Samantha Richards 2years $490
7034th Jacob Ford Jacob Ford 3years $490
7035th David Fletcher David Fletcher $490
7036th Richard Steinmann Richard Steinmann 4years $490
7037th Linda Henderson Linda Henderson $490
7038th Jessica Marshall Jessica Marshall $489
7039th Phil Maynard Phil Maynard $489
7040th adrian ledroz adrian ledroz $489
7041st Vicki Colleen Vicki Colleen 3years $489
7042nd Grady Bryant Grady Bryant 5years $489
7043rd Jackson Szurley Jackson Szurley 2years $488
7044th Luis Cruz Luis Cruz 5years $488
7045th Austin Tabor Austin Tabor $488
7046th Michele Bond Michele Bond 5years $487
7047th Robert Swistun Robert Swistun 5years $487
7048th Dan Chamberlin Dan Chamberlin 4years $486
7049th Thomas Dugan Thomas Dugan 3years $486