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Rank Name Raised
1272nd Deb Chavez Deb Chavez $1,684
1280th Bill Thorne Bill Thorne 4years $1,680
4292nd Ginette Murray Ginette Murray 3years $700
1185th Lauren Tigner Lauren Tigner 3years $1,772
2604th Michele Peel Michele Peel 3years $1,045
1005th Anthony Badalamenti Anthony Badalamenti 3years $2,009
4591st Merrill Meese Merrill Meese 2years $655
15267th Breton Roedel Breton Roedel $10
1552nd Christine Hislop Christine Hislop 2years $1,491
3055th Joel Grout X Joel Grout X 4years $946
4808th Herb Rentz Herb Rentz 3years $629
7976th Christopher Williams Christopher Williams $335
2842nd Don Johnson Don Johnson $1,006
8264th Jeffrey Riviera Jeffrey Riviera 3years $303
12467th L.A. Juarez L.A. Juarez 3years $52
9071st Noel Plenos Noel Plenos 5years $230
6104th Patrick Ryan Patrick Ryan 5years $523
N/A Tommy Hooker Tommy Hooker $0
N/A Rachel Suiter Rachel Suiter 5years $0
9335th Josh Thrasher Josh Thrasher $207