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Rank Name Raised
225th Laura Gagne Laura Gagne 3years $3,927
226th Stan Norman Stan Norman 7years $3,921
227th Donna Matocha Donna Matocha 5years $3,917
228th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra 7years $3,914
229th Jason Hurwitz Jason Hurwitz 2years $3,894
230th Ashley Griggs Ashley Griggs $3,890
231st Gene Kassmeyer Gene Kassmeyer $3,870
232nd Christopher Spalding Christopher Spalding $3,852
232nd David Schild David Schild 3years $992
233rd Joel Biller Joel Biller 6years $3,852
234th Meret Henry Meret Henry $3,841
235th Anneke Mossa Anneke Mossa 7years $3,835
236th Regina Andres Regina Andres $3,835
237th Cheryl Voutour Cheryl Voutour 5years $3,825
238th George Hakkila George Hakkila 3years $3,822
239th Mark Saffer Mark Saffer 5years $3,821
240th Kassandra Elbert Kassandra Elbert 4years $3,814
241st Abbie Miller Abbie Miller 3years $3,809
242nd Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $3,802
243rd Nancy Reed Nancy Reed 4years $3,797