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Rank Name Raised
12680th Scott Patton Scott Patton 2years $142
4858th David Adae David Adae 6years $686
132nd Keith Young Keith Young 5years $5,030
7478th Gerry Stephenson Gerry Stephenson $504
N/A Gary Jenkins Gary Jenkins $0
5384th Gary Sharpsteen Gary Sharpsteen 2years $634
5774th Vicki Taylor Vicki Taylor $603
1027th Raudel Garza Raudel Garza 2years $1,964
414th Engling Yeo Engling Yeo 2years $3,065
N/A Carol Beliveau Carol Beliveau 3years $0
6679th Robert Buzzell Robert Buzzell 3years $541
352nd Deanna Haselhuhn Deanna Haselhuhn 3years $3,286
8244th Deborah Smiley Deborah Smiley $455
682nd Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 3years $2,525
861st gary citron gary citron 3years $1,259
819th Sara Brown Sara Brown 3years $2,276
6125th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 4years $576
6840th Jon Bailey Jon Bailey 4years $531
4617th Joseph Culpepper Joseph Culpepper 3years $709
5776th Chrisanne Ondrovic Chrisanne Ondrovic $603