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Rank Name Raised
N/A David Odell David Odell $0
N/A David Pintor David Pintor $0
232nd David Schild David Schild $217
N/A David Younglove David Younglove $0
49th Dawn Canavan Dawn Canavan $196
N/A Dawn Moyer Dawn Moyer $0
N/A Dawn Panozzo Dawn Panozzo $0
287th Dawn Stastny Dawn Stastny $26
N/A Dawn Stiffler Dawn Stiffler $0
N/A Dean Maple Dean Maple $0
297th Debi Cool King Debi Cool King $25
N/A Debra Woodlief Debra Woodlief $0
N/A Demetrius Rushin Demetrius Rushin $0
N/A Demi Pomare Demi Pomare $0
52nd Dena Crisp Dena Crisp $187
N/A Dena Strong Dena Strong $0
N/A denise ainsworth denise ainsworth $0
N/A Denise Hay Denise Hay $0
134th Dennis Carmain Dennis Carmain $92
N/A Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary $0