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Rank Name Raised
970th Robbie Bowers Robbie Bowers $2,160
971st Loyal Perry Loyal Perry $2,159
972nd Cindy Henrich Cindy Henrich $2,159
973rd Tim Cummings Tim Cummings $2,157
974th Chuck Lamz Chuck Lamz $2,156
975th John Habif John Habif $2,156
976th Sammy Truesdale Sammy Truesdale $2,156
977th Katie Mihalenko Katie Mihalenko $2,155
978th Amy Wallace Amy Wallace $2,154
979th Carl Cassel Carl Cassel $2,150
980th Michelle Badolato Michelle Badolato $2,148
981st Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Ryan $2,146
982nd Chandra Brown Chandra Brown $2,146
983rd Michael Parker Michael Parker $2,145
984th Tracy Horning Tracy Horning $2,145
985th Todd Millam Todd Millam $2,138
986th Ken Ballantyne Ken Ballantyne $2,130
987th Thomas Doyle Thomas Doyle $2,129
988th Deb Adams Deb Adams $2,128
989th Shrijat Bose Shrijat Bose $2,128