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Rank Name Raised
297th Ronnie Sandoval Ronnie Sandoval 3years $88
298th Tom Rauch Tom Rauch 5years $87
299th Janelle Whitt Janelle Whitt 3years $83
299th Nick Muntjan Nick Muntjan 2years $83
301st Andrew Cataneo Andrew Cataneo 7years $82
302nd Debra Trader Debra Trader 2years $80
303rd Jacquelyn Fields McArthur Jacquelyn Fields McArthur 3years $78
304th Michael Shinn Michael Shinn 6years $77
305th Sandra Alexander Sandra Alexander 4years $76
306th Martin Piraino Martin Piraino 4years $75
306th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook 3years $75
308th Angela Torrentera Angela Torrentera 3years $72
308th Cindi Corson Berry Cindi Corson Berry 2years $72
308th Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher 5years $72
308th Dean Settlage Dean Settlage 3years $72
308th Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan 3years $72
308th Sharon Blakeney Sharon Blakeney 6years $72
308th Susanne Serna Susanne Serna 7years $72
308th Vinnie Palazzolo Vinnie Palazzolo 2years $72
316th Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano 4years $72