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Rank Name Raised
N/A Parker McCarty Parker McCarty $0
239th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace 6years $4,107
2022nd Ray Vadnais Ray Vadnais 2years $1,213
N/A Richard Byron Richard Byron $0
126th RICHARD MOLL RICHARD MOLL 5years $5,394
N/A Russ Joosten Russ Joosten $0
696th Scott McCreedy Scott McCreedy $2,554
3222nd Seth Fineman Seth Fineman 4years $896
N/A Shawn Curtis Shawn Curtis $0
N/A Thomas Davis Thomas Davis $0
N/A Thomas Morrison Thomas Morrison $0
N/A Queenie Fortaleza Queenie Fortaleza $0
2552nd Dave Sarcevic Dave Sarcevic 6years $1,054
N/A Michael Volpe Michael Volpe $0
935th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 3years $2,084
1436th Manaen Schlabach Manaen Schlabach 3years $1,538
292nd Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $3,766
383rd Shawn Scott Shawn Scott 2years $3,288
1348th Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 3years $1,611