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Rank Name Raised
136th Jackie Marquette Jackie Marquette $721
137th Tom Lo Tom Lo $719
138th Vincent Staub Vincent Staub $717
139th Robert Paradis Robert Paradis 4years $716
140th Keva Shalon Russell Keva Shalon Russell 6years $715
141st Scott Bocketti Scott Bocketti 5years $713
142nd Doug Farrington Doug Farrington 4years $711
143rd Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly $704
143rd Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 3years $535
144th Mike Gaggos Mike Gaggos 2years $704
145th Emily Lizotte Emily Lizotte $703
146th Patrick Juszczak Patrick Juszczak $700
147th Eungho Lee Eungho Lee $664
147th William Glasgow William Glasgow 2years $699
148th JK-Kim Nesset JK-Kim Nesset 5years $693
149th Susan Bezek Susan Bezek 6years $682
150th Josh Prehn Josh Prehn 2years $677
151st Brandon Brescia Brandon Brescia $677
152nd Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann 3years $671
153rd Kyle Adams Kyle Adams 7years $667