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Rank Name Raised
115th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor 7years $5,541
116th Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron 2years $5,537
117th Mike Doyle Mike Doyle $5,523
118th Patty Hayos Patty Hayos $5,501
119th Mary Lynn Grizzell Mary Lynn Grizzell 3years $5,490
120th Nicholas Chappell Nicholas Chappell 2years $5,474
121st Sean Strother Sean Strother 2years $5,467
122nd Danny Henderson Danny Henderson 2years $5,452
123rd Eric Wood Eric Wood 4years $5,438
124th Buddy Collins Buddy Collins 3years $5,431
125th Larry Albright Larry Albright $5,425
126th David Freund David Freund 4years $5,369
127th Shannon Fogarty Shannon Fogarty 6years $5,355
128th DeVon Wiens DeVon Wiens $5,343
129th andrew weiner andrew weiner 2years $5,323
130th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson 2years $5,315
131st Zach Jurney Zach Jurney 3years $5,307
132nd Jeffery LaBombard Jeffery LaBombard 6years $5,304
133rd Kenny Ott Kenny Ott 4years $5,246
134th Roy Adams Roy Adams 2years $5,219