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Rank Name Raised
N/A Bailey Biggs Bailey Biggs $0
605th Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares $18
606th kevin ward kevin ward $15
607th Gina Calabro Gina Calabro $15
607th Jordan Rittenhouse Jordan Rittenhouse $15
607th Mathew Dominguez Mathew Dominguez $15
607th Robert Szajna Robert Szajna $15
611th Dima Sawalha Dima Sawalha $12
612th Cheryl Caponetta-Lomeli Cheryl Caponetta-Lomeli $10
612th John Martin John Martin $10
612th Jonathan Roy Jonathan Roy $10
612th Jordan Etherton Jordan Etherton $10
612th Keri Jenkins Keri Jenkins $10
612th Larhonda tracy Larhonda tracy $10
612th Otto Enax Otto Enax $10
612th Patrick Moore Patrick Moore $10
612th Rosemary Hernandez Rosemary Hernandez $10
612th Rylee Oliver Rylee Oliver $10
612th Shamarick Paradise Shamarick Paradise $10
N/A Kelley Hrutkay Kelley Hrutkay $0