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Rank Name Raised
300th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause 6years $3,724
301st Eric Plante Eric Plante 2years $3,723
302nd Dave Pauley Dave Pauley 2years $3,721
303rd Cathy Dougherty Cathy Dougherty 6years $3,700
304th Catherine Seidenberg Catherine Seidenberg 4years $3,696
305th Karla Mazur Karla Mazur $3,693
306th John Eystad John Eystad 7years $3,681
307th Haley Harris Haley Harris $3,679
308th John Webster John Webster 4years $3,672
309th Gerry Guilbeault Gerry Guilbeault 6years $3,669
310th Cindy Rickert Cindy Rickert 2years $3,665
311th Andrew Marley Andrew Marley 2years $3,660
312th Brett Graham Brett Graham 7years $3,660
313th Greg Novak Greg Novak 7years $3,651
314th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson 3years $3,650
315th Nancy Empey Nancy Empey 4years $3,646
316th Bob Bois Bob Bois 5years $3,646
317th September Radecki September Radecki 3years $3,636
318th Ashley Mancini Ashley Mancini 4years $657
318th Susan Cullado Susan Cullado $3,624