Tom Schultz

7years All Star
Tom Schultz
Riding in memory of Pat & Tim C & Tim G, and in honor of Scott
Cancer is the biggest killer of kids from disease in the USA, 38 children die every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 123.6 mi to fight kids' cancer
My Rankings
  • National: 23rd
  • State: 2nd in IL
  • My Team: 2nd
I've raised $11,533 to fight kids' cancer Donate Now

I'm Riding For

Pat & Tim C & Tim G, and in honor of Scott

Pat & Tim C & Tim G, and in honor of Scott

Three of my longtime friends, who left us too early, will be along with me this year - in my thoughts and with my music playing loudly. And riding in honor of Scott, who battled cancer in 2022.

My Story

12 Sep 2023

I'm back.

This September, I am taking part again - my seventh year - in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer!

Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.

This year again, I am on Team Kahleesi. Kahleesi is now four and was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma when she was only 9 months old. She is currently in remission.

Who am I riding for this year? Well, two friends, who passed away too early, will be riding along with me again. We lost Pat in 2020 and then Tim in 2021. And I have added another longtime friend, Tim G who passed away recently on 8/14 from cancer. All four us of were born in 1953.

In addition, I am riding in honor of another kid. Late May of 2022, I was told - “Dad, I have cancer”. Words a parent never wants to hear. Scott, our 40 something year old son, had just gotten the call that cancer had entered his life and all of ours. In those next two weeks, tests confirmed that Scott had Stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma and the chemo sessions began. Fast-forward 9 months – as of March 1st, 2023, Scott is now cancer free.

My GCC goals for this year – continue raising awareness, funds, and prayers, while hoping this body, that has seen a few speed bumps this year, allows me to ride a few miles. Only a goal of 70 miles this year, as I turn 70 (whaaaattt?) in September.

Your support will change lives.

This is not just an event - it is a movement to end childhood cancer.



My Legacy

Here's my personal impact over 7 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 300 mi Ridden
    $1,174 Raised
  • 203 mi Ridden
    $1,515 Raised
  • 223 mi Ridden
    $2,328 Raised
  • 206 mi Ridden
    $5,163 Raised
  • 202 mi Ridden
    $7,500 Raised
  • 201 mi Ridden
    $9,076 Raised
  • 124 mi Ridden
    $11,533 Raised
1,458 mi

My Challenge

  • 17.8 mi ride - Out and about, joined by Jeff S - Monday, October 2, 2023
    Logged this ride 1 day ago
  • Your Donation - where does it go?
    22 Sep 2023

    Week #3 is done. The ride goes on.

    Here are some key stats from the challenge (so far) this month:

    27,795 riders are taking part from all corners of the country.

    102,707 individual donations have been received.

    $8,174,693 has been raised.

    119,071 rides have been logged, for a total of 1,804,779 miles.

    But during this month:

    860 families have heard the painful words, "your child has cancer."

    We've lost 108 children to this terrible disease.


    Today, I thought I would share some awareness about where the money goes.

    What We Fund

    * Innovative and promising research

    We fund research at institutions nationwide, focusing on projects that allow researchers to prove their idea, then reach for even larger grants. Federal funding sources often don’t fund projects until much later in the process.

    * Enhance healing and care for families

    We understand that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the whole family. That’s why we fund programs that help families find joy and support during and after cancer treatment, from peer support groups to camps to programs for caregivers and siblings.

    * Educate the world about childhood cancer

    Through stories of families fighting cancer and researchers who won’t stop looking for answers, we educate the world about what we can do to create a world without childhood cancer.

    Your Donation - where does it go?
    Posted 11 days ago
  • 12.3 mi ride - Traverse City area trails - Big Chill@70 - Wednesday, September 20, 2023
    Logged this ride 13 days ago
  • OUR WHY - how it started
    15 Sep 2023

    In 1979, 13-year-old Katie Hageboeck, from Minnesota, was nearing the end of her 16-month battle with leukemia. Before she died, Katie asked that the money she’d been saving for a 10-speed bicycle be donated to a little-known fund at the University of Minnesota called Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF). With that seed of support from Katie and her family, CCRF has grown to contribute over $200 million in funding of nationwide research, education and quality of life programs for children with cancer.

    Katie never got the chance to ride her new bike, so now we ride to realize her dream of a world without childhood cancer. Since the first Great Cycle Challenge event in 2015, our community of riders from all 50 states has ridden a total of 29,828,607miles, and together we’ve raised $63,421,548 in support of research to develop better treatments and carry-on Katie’s legacy.

    And now, you know.

    OUR WHY - how it started
    Posted 18 days ago
  • 8.3 mi ride - Have a few minutes? Ride a few miles! - Friday, September 15, 2023
    Logged this ride 18 days ago
  • Week #2 Done - with an amazing Match Day
    14 Sep 2023

    Earlier this week, I shared the idea of Match Day. Never could I have imagined the results.

    Overall, for the entire Great Cycle Challenge group of over 27k riders, the dollar total went up by $3.5m, with $1.5m of matching funds added to the $2.0m raised from individual donors.

    How about for us? 20 sponsors added their names to my list in these 2 days, who donated almost $2800. This includes the "10 for 70" matching done by Sue. And matching funds from the Children's Cancer Research Fund totaled $1800. Or a total in 2 days of almost $4600.

    So, for 2023, there are now 65 sponsors on the roster for us, with total contributions of $11,461. My goal for this year was to raise one more dollar than the $9076 donated in 2022. This involvement by all of you shows us very high on all of the leaderboards you might see out there.

    I cannot express strongly enough my appreciation for this level of participation.


    Week #2 Done  - with an amazing Match Day
    Posted 19 days ago
  • Match Day 2023
    13 Sep 2023
    Match Day 2023
    Posted 20 days ago
  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day
    12 Sep 2023

    If you have already joined the sponsor list this year, we are not looking for you to make another donation. Only providing an update here.

    As you may know, Wednesday September 13th is Kick Cancer's Butt Day for the Great Cycle Challenge. This is the day where we stand together as one and take action to Kick - Cancer's - Butt.

    But tomorrow is also known as Match Day. Thanks to a generous group of donors, ALL online donations made on 9/13 will be matched (up to $1,500,000). But remember, this is only for 9/13.

    Late breaking news

    Another generous person – Sue Sughrua Schultz – has offered to do her own match. Recognizing that we both were born in 1953, along with many others including the three people I am riding in memory of, that means turning 70 this year. For each $70 raised online during the day on 9/13, Sue will donate $10. This will be collectively for donations from all, so whether you give $10 or $70 or more, the match will happen in total. This matching donation will happen towards the end of the day on Wednesday.

    No amount is too small. The current $ goal is to raise one more dollar than we did in 2022. I was targeting also to get as many names on our donor list as possible - currently there are 44.

    How about another match? I will match my original goal of 70 miles of riding, with another 70 miles.

    Consider sharing the link and this information with your network – friends, families, business associates.

    Kids should be living life, NOT fighting for it.

    Kick Cancer's Butt Day
    Posted 21 days ago
  • 14.5 mi ride - Cruising Cary on a Saturday- more GCC miles - Saturday, September 9, 2023
    Logged this ride 24 days ago
  • Sandbagging with a goal of 70 miles?
    6 Sep 2023

    In the past, I have been called a sandbagger. During my professional career, that label came up often as I learned to “under promise & overperform” was better than the other way around, especially as a finance guy.

    And yes, it came up often over all these years in reference to my golf handicap. But no sandbagging here - posting your scores, as good or bad as they are.

    So, back in March, when I picked a goal of 70 (just like a milestone birthday coming during September) miles to ride in September, was I sandbagging? Each of the last six years of doing this challenge, I had a goal 200 miles – not easy but not hard but got it done.

    This year was different. At that point in March when I registered, I wasn’t sure if I could ride one mile. And after a few bumps in June, the same concern. No sandbagging.

    I am happy to report that now six days into the month of September, I accomplished my goal of 70 miles – 4 days of riding, one day of rest and one day of watching little kids. And the music was playing loudly this morning as I thought of so many things.

    And so far, our awesome GCC community has ridden 521,955 miles and raised $3,411,832 to fight kids' cancer!

    It's going to be an incredible month as we ride together to give kids with cancer the brighter futures they deserve.

    Oh yeah – and the answer to the question on your mind – YES, I will keep riding during September.

    Thanks for joining me on this ride!

    Sharing some lyrics from Jimmy Buffet's He Went To Paris:

    "some of it's magic, some of it's tragic, but I had a good life all the way"

    Sandbagging with a goal of 70 miles?
    Posted 27 days ago

My Sponsors

  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day matched donation
    “Here's your matched donation from a group of wonderful Children's Cancer Research Fund supporters. THANK YOU so much for your awesome efforts to kick cancer's butt!”
    Received this donation 19 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Dear Kick Cancer's Butt, thank you!”
  • Anonymous
    Received this donation 71 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Dear Anonymous (MD), thanks so much for your very generous donation. It's great people like you that support me, the kids and this cause.”
  • Anonymous
    “Get on thhat bike and ride, and keep the music cranked!! Great Work!!”
    Received this donation 20 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Dear Anonymous (DS), thank you and I greatly appreciate your very, very generous support year after year. It's great people like you that support me, the kids and this cause. Music loud? Yes, and I even play Dead music.”
  • John McDonough
    “Tom- Always selfless and humble ! Proud to donate to this great cause. John”
    Received this donation 20 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “John, thank you so much for your support and generosity for me, the kids and this cause. How great to have your name on my list again this year. And thanks for joining us for Match Day. Sue did her match last night for your donation. Here's to hoping the road keeps getting better for you.”
  • Karen Gillespie
    “Best of luck on your ride this September - know that Tim will be with you every mile of the journey. Thank you for all you do!”
    Received this donation 36 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Karen, thanks so much for your generous donation in support of this cause and me. I am honored to have the Gillespie family join my list of sponsors. Yes, Tim will be with me along the way, and I just finished updating my page to reflect that. And now, 2 Tims riding with me.”
  • Lauren Amich
    “Best of luck this year on your 70 mile ride! It's so wonderful you continue to support and raise awareness for this important cause.”
    Received this donation 67 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Lauren & Simon, how exciting to have you back on my list of sponsors again this year. And what a generous donation to this cause. It is amazing what we all can do to help these kids and their families and work on kicking cancer's butt. And thinking of Lauren's dad as I ride.”
  • Mary Dempsey
    “Keep up the great work, Tom! Proud to support you.”
    Received this donation 36 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Demps, thanks for your very generous donation and joining my sponsor list year after year. I really appreciate your friendship, generosity and support of me and this cause. And if we had done the triathlon this year, it would have only been you and me, with swimming omitted. Onward!”
  • Michael Mete
    “Great work Tom!”
    Received this donation 78 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Nicole and Mike, how great to have you join my list of donors. Thank you for your very generous donation in support of me, the kids and the cause.”
  • Mike Mullen
    “Keep up the good work!”
    Received this donation 19 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Mike, thank you so much for your generosity. People like you make all this possible. And Sue has done her match already for your donation. I really appreciate your support of this cause, the kids and me!”
  • Sue Schultz
    “My "10 for 70" match for those donating on Wednesday - and Tom will recognize all those amazing people.”
    Received this donation 20 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Sue - thanks so much for the match you made for the following people helping us on Match Day - Dennis, John, Heather, Nancy, Kathy, Pete, Diane, Carol, Dan, Mark, Donna, Dave and Mike. Amazing! And thanks for riding along with me on all the rides this year.”
  • Ann Simms
    “Tom, you and your commitment to helping kids with cancer continue to be inspiring! So happy to be along for the ride with you!”
    Received this donation 51 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Ann, thank you and I greatly appreciate your generous support year after year. Always happy to be on the same team with you. And after our talk about your dad, I will have 2 "Jacks" riding along with me. Onward my friend!”
  • BoYoung & Tom Frost
    Received this donation 112 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “BoYoung & Tip, Thank you for joining my team again to battle cancer. And your simple word of support has so much meaning for me after the last few weeks. Onward!”
  • CJS
    “For every 50 miles you ride, I'll do 4 pushups(with horrible form). Feel the burn.”
    Received this donation 69 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “MC & Bill and CJS, thank you for all these years of adding your names to my sponsor list. Your generosity, love and ongoing support (especially over this year) are wonderful. Pushups for miles? Deal - and I will share a video of those pushups on my periodic GCC updates. Thanks again!”
  • Mark Valentine
    “Tom, congratulations on another year back on the bike!”
    Received this donation 66 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Chris & Mark, thanks for your generous donation and joining my lineup again this year. It is helping out a great cause, as we also remember our good friends Pat and Tim. Another year back? A few months ago, biking and golfing didn't seem possible but here we are. Onward!”
  • Mike Kelly
    “Happy to support you, Tom!”
    Received this donation 75 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Mike, thank you for your generous donation and all the years you have supported me, the kids and this cause. And I am truly grateful for the support for me after the ups and downs of this year. Onward!”
  • Viv & Alex
    “Go Papa!”
    Received this donation 70 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Viv & Alex (and Scott & Brooke), I am so happy to have your names on my donor list. And yes, I will "GO" as best I can. After all the energy and focus that was directed at LLS earlier this year, I am humbled by all who are supporting me, the kids and this cause. THANK YOU!”
  • David Ogdon
    Received this donation 20 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Dave, thank you for supporting me, this cause, and the kids with your very, very generous donation. I am so honored to have your name on my sponsor list. Sue did her match of your donation last night. It was an amazing day. Onward!”
  • Field Fastener
    Received this donation 36 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Thanks for matching Bill and Sue's Haave's donation.”
  • Sue and Bill Haave
    Received this donation 45 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Sue & Wilbur, thank you so much for your generosity and ongoing support year after year. Happy to have friends like you that make this all possible. And thanks for coordinating the matching gift. I really appreciate your support of me and this cause.”
  • Neal Levin
    “Good luck on your ride, Tom! Neal & Amy Levin”
    Received this donation 73 days ago
    Tom Schultz
    “Amy & Neal, how nice to get back from a ride this morning and see your very generous donation. Also, great to have you on my sponsor list again this year. You know the Childrens Cancer Research Fund well after your support of them last year too. Thank you for your continued support.”
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