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Rank Name Raised
1st Best Buy Best Buy $290
Members of Best Buy
150th Austin Hill Austin Hill $290
N/A Andrea Lewis Andrea Lewis $0
N/A Jodi Spannbauer Jodi Spannbauer $0
N/A Ray Villas Ray Villas $0
N/A Rebecca Martinez Rebecca Martinez $0
2nd BMC Software BMC Software $486
Members of BMC Software
186th Sean Berry Sean Berry $217
241st Andrika Payne Andrika Payne $150
309th Chris Blanks Chris Blanks $105
579th Cody Dean Cody Dean $14
N/A John Kriegel John Kriegel $0
N/A Sara Coppo Sara Coppo $0
N/A Shailesh Bhainsora Shailesh Bhainsora $0
Members of CFE
N/A Eric Jones Eric Jones $0
Members of IDT DNA
N/A Curtis Garner Curtis Garner $0
N/A Jack Jack $0
Members of Jack
N/A Jack Burnett Jack Burnett $0
N/A MRE Consulting MRE Consulting $0
Members of MRE Consulting
N/A Bob Stilwell Bob Stilwell $0
N/A Open LMS Open LMS $0
Members of Open LMS
N/A Jesse Safran Jesse Safran $0
8th Team Imperva Team Imperva $899
Members of Team Imperva
39th Craig Burlingame Craig Burlingame $899
N/A Chip Gwyn Chip Gwyn $0
N/A Jose Gomez Jose Gomez $0
N/A julian Iavarone julian Iavarone $0
N/A Kunal Anand Kunal Anand $0
N/A Wausau Coated Products Wausau Coated Products $0
Members of Wausau Coated Products
N/A Melissa Erdman Melissa Erdman $0
N/A World Wide Technology Riders World Wide Technology Riders $0
Members of World Wide Technology Riders
N/A Howard Morgan Howard Morgan $0
11th Zebra Technologies Zebra Technologies $912
Members of Zebra Technologies
181st Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $228
N/A Melissa Wagner Melissa Wagner $0
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