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Rank Name Raised
264th Loyal Perry Loyal Perry 4years $3,783
265th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey 4years $3,771
266th Eric Freeburg Eric Freeburg 3years $3,768
267th Bob Bois Bob Bois 4years $3,768
268th Phil Darrow Phil Darrow 3years $3,764
269th Ginny Kinne Ginny Kinne 2years $3,753
270th Cameron Harmann Cameron Harmann 2years $3,748
271st Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson 2years $3,747
272nd John Zrebny John Zrebny 2years $3,743
273rd Bruce Bertrand Bruce Bertrand 2years $3,736
274th Jill Baker Jill Baker 3years $3,736
274th Raymond Martin Raymond Martin 2years $55
275th Terri Marks Terri Marks 2years $3,736
276th Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias 3years $3,731
277th Julia Nanigian Julia Nanigian 6years $3,731
278th Jeffrey Schlosser Jeffrey Schlosser $3,728
279th Rodrigo Bravo Rodrigo Bravo 2years $3,725
280th Pi Ware Pi Ware $3,723
281st Bob Brown Bob Brown 2years $3,714
281st Greg Connor Greg Connor $3,482