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Rank Name Raised
155th Ron King Ron King $1,381
156th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor 7years $1,381
157th Jaya Vargheese Jaya Vargheese 3years $1,366
158th Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira 5years $1,364
159th Eddie Penny Eddie Penny 3years $1,363
160th Wendy Hutterer Wendy Hutterer 2years $1,362
161st Michelle Sinnott Michelle Sinnott 3years $1,361
162nd Teri Thomas Teri Thomas 6years $1,351
163rd Ayden Butera Ayden Butera $1,351
164th Hunter Buckler Hunter Buckler $1,344
165th Stewart Cruickshank Stewart Cruickshank 6years $1,337
166th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons 6years $1,337
167th Steven Bailey Steven Bailey 4years $1,335
168th Joshua Dubner Joshua Dubner 2years $1,332
169th Bill McSorley Bill McSorley 3years $1,323
169th Roy Kisner Roy Kisner 3years $1,323
171st Raymond Burkle Raymond Burkle $1,317
172nd Nick Tatge Nick Tatge 2years $1,314
173rd Jef Kopp Jef Kopp $1,314
174th Guy DAlessio Guy DAlessio 3years $1,299