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Rank Name Raised
117th Kevin Fletcher Kevin Fletcher $200
118th Charles Too Charles Too $200
118th James Simmons James Simmons $200
120th Megan Sanborn Megan Sanborn $197
121st Dawn Canavan Dawn Canavan $196
122nd Thomas Ley Thomas Ley $190
123rd Saif Uddin Saif Uddin $186
124th Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich $185
125th Linda Holt Linda Holt $180
126th Christine Butler Christine Butler $178
127th Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt $176
127th Robert Wurz Robert Wurz $176
129th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $175
129th Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan $175
129th Reaghan Cloe Reaghan Cloe $175
132nd Nancy Fairchild Nancy Fairchild $174
133rd Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie $171
134th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $171
135th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $170
136th Karyn Arnold Karyn Arnold $170