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Rank Name Raised
24th Todd Osikowicz Todd Osikowicz $1,102
N/A Aaron Moser Aaron Moser $0
N/A Abigail Neuman Abigail Neuman 2years $0
N/A Alan Koizumi Alan Koizumi $0
N/A Alex Waldrop Alex Waldrop 2years $0
N/A Allison Goodman Allison Goodman 3years $0
N/A Ashley Griggs Ashley Griggs 2years $0
149th Bill Kirchoff Bill Kirchoff 6years $260
512th Carlos Diaz Carlos Diaz 3years $20
236th Cathy Harper Cathy Harper 5years $124
379th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse 7years $52
N/A Charles Dietz Charles Dietz 2years $0
N/A Charlotte Donahue Charlotte Donahue 7years $0
N/A Chas Offutt Chas Offutt $0
N/A Chris Harman Chris Harman 5years $0
N/A Dan Kindel Dan Kindel 3years $0
N/A Dan Wilson Dan Wilson 3years $0
N/A Danielle Sirekis Danielle Sirekis 4years $0
N/A Dave McGrath Dave McGrath 4years $0
26th David Bogardus David Bogardus 2years $1,009