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Rank Name Raised
136th Ayden Butera Ayden Butera $1,299
137th Guy DAlessio Guy DAlessio 3years $1,299
138th Emily Kincaid Emily Kincaid 3years $1,292
139th Hanny Shanar Hanny Shanar 2years $1,291
140th Mike Ryba Mike Ryba $1,289
141st Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner 7years $1,287
142nd Daniella Titone Daniella Titone 2years $1,285
1354th Stacy Klone Stacy Klone 5years $1,283
143rd Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein 5years $1,278
144th Kyle Norris Kyle Norris 4years $1,278
67th Tim Geoghegan Tim Geoghegan 5years $1,276
145th Martin Comiskey Martin Comiskey $1,273
2914th David Ervin David Ervin 2years $1,266
146th Keith Young Keith Young 6years $1,256
147th Matthew Buckler Matthew Buckler $1,252
148th Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh 3years $1,252
149th Russell Spann Russell Spann 4years $1,242
150th Virgil Mandanici Virgil Mandanici 3years $1,242
151st Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $1,237
152nd Joshua Dubner Joshua Dubner 2years $1,235