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Rank Name Raised
523rd Andrew Neely Andrew Neely $25
523rd Barbara Kmiecik Barbara Kmiecik 3years $25
523rd Diane Gressett Diane Gressett $25
523rd Jaimee Thompson Jaimee Thompson $25
523rd Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 4years $25
523rd Monique Salmond Monique Salmond 4years $25
523rd Nicole M Ross Nicole M Ross 3years $25
523rd Pamela Harper Pamela Harper 5years $25
523rd Randall Horton Randall Horton $25
532nd Donna Goines Donna Goines $21
532nd Kelsey Ritter Kelsey Ritter 3years $21
532nd Lisa McConnell Lisa McConnell 2years $21
532nd Lynn Woolslayer Lynn Woolslayer $21
532nd Penny Strohmenger Penny Strohmenger 2years $21
532nd Torrey Johnson Torrey Johnson $21
538th Carlos Diaz Carlos Diaz 3years $20
538th Gary Pfeiffer Gary Pfeiffer 4years $20
538th Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson 7years $20
538th William Culver William Culver $20
542nd Aline Ballestero Aline Ballestero $16