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Rank Name Raised
56th Ned Savoie Ned Savoie $5,183.17
57th Rob Luis Rob Luis $5,159.77
58th Brian Brunderman Brian Brunderman $5,142.70
59th David Hildner David Hildner $5,137.80
60th Derek Buckridge Derek Buckridge $5,127.83
61st Craig Hentcy Craig Hentcy $5,104.73
62nd Katelyn Bailey Katelyn Bailey $217.35
62nd Tara Ortiz Tara Ortiz $5,098.33
63rd Luis SeraFin Luis SeraFin $4,830.96
64th David Hausner David Hausner $4,800.36
65th Rob Issem Rob Issem $4,785.54
66th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $4,776.37
67th Matt Hedman Matt Hedman $4,741.88
68th Sally Rech Sally Rech $4,660.95
69th Greg Thornton Greg Thornton $4,600.38
70th Jane Fiery Jane Fiery $1,009.61
70th Kevin Kirkwood II Kevin Kirkwood II $4,560.49
71st Rob Lubas Rob Lubas $4,521.07
72nd Mike Smith Mike Smith $4,515.25
73rd Stephen Shaw Stephen Shaw $4,466.25