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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jose Ponce Jose Ponce $0
N/A Joseph Edwards Joseph Edwards $0
N/A Juan Cordero Juan Cordero $0
N/A Katie Bassett Katie Bassett $0
N/A Keith Smith Keith Smith $0
N/A Kevin Fadely Kevin Fadely $0
N/A Kristen Ide Kristen Ide $0
N/A Kyle Yates Kyle Yates $0
N/A Lisa Schwab Lisa Schwab $0
N/A Lori James Lori James $0
N/A Lucius Xuan Lucius Xuan $0
N/A Luke Pack Luke Pack $0
N/A Mal Daniel Mal Daniel $0
N/A Mark Wadmunski/Dr Wesley Mark Wadmunski/Dr Wesley $0
N/A Mary Kuypers Mary Kuypers $0
N/A Matthew Blaine Matthew Blaine $0
N/A Matthew French Matthew French $0
N/A michael mercer michael mercer $0
N/A Michael Mercer Michael Mercer $0
N/A Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre $0