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Rank Name Raised
311th Randy Ludwig Randy Ludwig $61
311th Randy Zimmerman Randy Zimmerman $61
313th Bob Hanson Bob Hanson $60
313th Claudine Gallagher Claudine Gallagher $60
313th Kevin Bauer Kevin Bauer $60
316th Anisa Kasuboski Anisa Kasuboski $57
317th William Rohn William Rohn $56
318th Christina Garcia Christina Garcia $56
319th Brian Legate Brian Legate $55
319th Ed davis Ed davis $55
319th Lynn Godek Lynn Godek $55
322nd Amit Chaudhary Amit Chaudhary $52
322nd Arnold Sese Arnold Sese $52
322nd Brian Hvid Brian Hvid $52
322nd Bruce Stemme Bruce Stemme $52
322nd Bryan Lee Bryan Lee $52
322nd Eddie White Eddie White $52
322nd Emily Lane Emily Lane $52
322nd Etty Sims Etty Sims $52
322nd Greg Larson Greg Larson $52