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Rank Name Raised
229th Pepper McFarland Pepper McFarland $652
230th Rebecca Wilcox Rebecca Wilcox $652
231st Helen Romeo Helen Romeo $652
232nd Sally rech Sally rech $650
233rd Michael D’Olivo Michael D’Olivo $650
234th Jeremy McJunkin Jeremy McJunkin $650
235th daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $647
236th Dave Rinker Dave Rinker $645
236th Pauline Parker Pauline Parker $645
238th Vicky Vandervort Vicky Vandervort $645
239th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $643
240th Anthony Dabucon Anthony Dabucon $642
240th Robert Bruch Robert Bruch $78
241st Cynthia Hebert Cynthia Hebert $640
242nd Patrick Smith Patrick Smith $640
243rd Caleb Robinson Caleb Robinson $640
244th Ben Stephens Ben Stephens $638
245th Rachel Stough Kuligin Rachel Stough Kuligin $635
246th Stan Fields Stan Fields $634
247th Adrian Cruz Adrian Cruz $634