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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mark Saxby Mark Saxby 2years $0
16328th Nathan Foose Nathan Foose $41
N/A Zachary Jackson Zachary Jackson $0
18772nd Todd Mullen Todd Mullen $5
N/A Joseph Obert Joseph Obert $0
N/A Andre Mackniel Andre Mackniel 2years $0
N/A Lexi Wright Lexi Wright $0
1116th Quentin Ward Quentin Ward 4years $1,969
N/A Stephanie Reynolds Stephanie Reynolds $0
N/A Theress Tate Theress Tate $0
N/A Bryant Fernandez Bryant Fernandez $0
1929th Joe Cox Joe Cox 2years $1,373
N/A Catherine Campbell Catherine Campbell $0
2376th Francis Condell Francis Condell 5years $1,196
N/A Jeremy Thompson Jeremy Thompson $0
N/A Adolfo Hernandez Adolfo Hernandez $0
2622nd RS Good RS Good $1,120
N/A Gregory Vlachakis Gregory Vlachakis $0
23rd Sally rech Sally rech 3years $10,776
N/A Al Francis Al Francis 4years $0