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Rank Name Raised
76th Bill Lundy Bill Lundy $51.75
N/A Billie Grant Billie Grant $0
N/A Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $0
N/A Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp $0
49th Bob Lee Bob Lee $100
N/A Bob Newman Bob Newman $0
5th Bob Norrie Bob Norrie $500
N/A Bobby Berry Bobby Berry $0
N/A Brad Gardinier Brad Gardinier $0
N/A Brad Metheney Brad Metheney $0
79th Bradley Readnour Bradley Readnour $50
N/A Bradley Undercofler Bradley Undercofler $0
N/A Branden Smeester Branden Smeester $0
N/A brandon post brandon post $0
N/A Brayan Villatoro Brayan Villatoro $0
N/A Brenda Fish Brenda Fish $0
N/A Brendan Timothy Brendan Timothy $0
N/A Brenton Metzler Brenton Metzler $0
N/A Brett Harris Brett Harris $0
N/A Brian Herne Brian Herne $0