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Rank Name Raised
271st Mike Gardner Mike Gardner $1,107
272nd Todd Osikowicz Todd Osikowicz $1,102
273rd Paul Ronson Paul Ronson 3years $1,096
274th Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman 4years $1,095
275th David Bogardus David Bogardus 2years $1,081
276th Daniel Lopez Daniel Lopez $1,076
277th Vincent Urbain Vincent Urbain 3years $1,073
278th Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby 3years $1,072
279th Dan Corria Dan Corria 7years $1,071
280th John Huffman John Huffman 5years $1,071
280th Matthias Sproll Matthias Sproll $1,071
282nd Julie Kelly Julie Kelly 4years $1,071
283rd Robert Minnucci Robert Minnucci 4years $1,070
227th Paul Rachfalski Paul Rachfalski $1,066
284th Kayla White Kayla White $1,065
285th Linda Hovious Linda Hovious 4years $1,060
286th Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich 4years $1,058
287th Patricia Chapman Patricia Chapman 3years $1,050
288th Joshua Manchester Joshua Manchester 2years $1,049
289th John Bagley John Bagley 6years $1,049