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Rank Name Raised
96th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $1,012
97th kenny harris kenny harris $1,004
98th Kelly Bair Kelly Bair $1,001
99th Amanda Massih Amanda Massih $1,000
100th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $957
101st Trigg White Trigg White $950
102nd Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki $944
103rd Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $938
104th Ha Vu Ha Vu $935
105th Michael Weitzman Michael Weitzman $933
106th Ketil Solvik-Olsen Ketil Solvik-Olsen $933
107th Virginia Kwiatkoski Virginia Kwiatkoski $917
108th Victor Leyva Victor Leyva $917
109th Brett Graham Brett Graham $912
110th Pamela Graham Pamela Graham $908
111th Gary Schnabel Gary Schnabel $903
112th John Ridgway John Ridgway $895
113th Thomas Morgan Thomas Morgan $894
114th Fred Miller Fred Miller $873
115th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $866