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Rank Name Raised
158th Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $165
159th Tracy Horning Tracy Horning $163
160th Alice Gershuny Alice Gershuny $162
161st Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $161
162nd Rita Barnowski Rita Barnowski $160
163rd Laurie Surprenant Laurie Surprenant $160
164th Erin Moore Erin Moore $157
165th Dennis Bobalik Dennis Bobalik $155
165th Greta Rickauer Greta Rickauer $155
165th Stephanie McGreevy Stephanie McGreevy $155
168th Harry Marenstein Harry Marenstein $154
168th Holly Mueck Holly Mueck $154
168th Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman $154
171st Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom $152
172nd Charles McElhose Charles McElhose $152
173rd John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra $152
174th Rena Perozich Rena Perozich $150
174th Scott Child Scott Child $150
174th W JOE Westfall W JOE Westfall $150
177th Jonathan Bowmer Jonathan Bowmer $148