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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alesia Bailey Alesia Bailey $0
N/A Alessi Quin Alessi Quin $0
N/A Alesya Tkachenko Alesya Tkachenko $0
N/A Alex Blanton Alex Blanton $0
499th Alex Cross Alex Cross $186
N/A Alex Drinnon Alex Drinnon $0
1587th Alex Florianschitz Alex Florianschitz $36
N/A Alex Greaves Alex Greaves $0
2007th Alex Huff Alex Huff $21
N/A Alex Kahn Alex Kahn $0
N/A Alex Kislaitis Alex Kislaitis $0
N/A Alex Kubasek Alex Kubasek $0
N/A Alex Morales Alex Morales $0
N/A Alex Olsen Alex Olsen $0
N/A Alex Sattler Alex Sattler $0
N/A Alex Schroeder Alex Schroeder $0
N/A Alex Usme Alex Usme $0
N/A Alex Vazquez Alex Vazquez $0
N/A Alexander Baker Alexander Baker $0
N/A Alexander Nadeau Alexander Nadeau $0