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Rank Name Raised
249th Grace Moran Grace Moran 6years $406
250th William Hurt William Hurt 2years $404
251st Saturnina Reyes Saturnina Reyes $404
252nd RACHEL Stollman RACHEL Stollman $400
253rd Ron Williams Ron Williams 7years $398
254th Amanda Massih Amanda Massih 4years $397
255th Etty Sims Etty Sims 3years $393
256th James Chaves James Chaves 7years $392
257th Chuck Hassold Chuck Hassold $388
258th Melissa McKenney Melissa McKenney 2years $381
259th Loni Good Loni Good 7years $378
260th Debra Robenhymer Debra Robenhymer 7years $378
261st John Gulick John Gulick 2years $378
262nd Jerri Gapastione Jerri Gapastione $377
263rd Mark Domann Mark Domann 2years $375
264th Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman 6years $375
264th Martini Absin Martini Absin 3years $430
265th Larry Hall Larry Hall 4years $370
266th Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario 7years $370
267th Edward DeLaura Edward DeLaura 2years $370