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Rank Name Raised
3299th Diana Cookson Diana Cookson $959
3300th Mikayla Faasse Mikayla Faasse 2years $959
3301st Carol Worden Carol Worden 7years $958
3301st Janice Randel Janice Randel 4years $958
3303rd Jason O'Flaherty Jason O'Flaherty 2years $958
3304th Selina Bruckner Selina Bruckner 2years $958
3305th Susan DeLawyer Susan DeLawyer $957
3306th Chad McMurray Chad McMurray $956
3307th Donald Stoveken Donald Stoveken 5years $956
3308th Malinda Rawls Malinda Rawls $956
3309th Melissa Fuller Melissa Fuller 5years $956
3310th Savannah Wallace Savannah Wallace 3years $956
3311th Lisa Anne Barrett Lisa Anne Barrett 2years $956
3312th Dutt Kalluri Dutt Kalluri $955
3313th Mario Orozco Mario Orozco 5years $955
3314th Christopher Downey Christopher Downey $955
3315th Kirk Moore Kirk Moore $955
3316th Jeffrey Riviera Jeffrey Riviera 2years $955
3317th Linda Mike Linda Mike 5years $954
3318th Bob Sylverne Bob Sylverne 5years $954