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Rank Name Raised
21703rd Chris Withers Chris Withers $36
2869th Jerome Burgess Jerome Burgess $1,130
N/A Philip JAUNY Philip JAUNY $0
4098th Denise Brown Denise Brown $930
3274th Steven Zyduck Steven Zyduck $1,058
N/A Eric Foltz Eric Foltz $0
8104th aaron jacob Henriksen aaron jacob Henriksen $576
3998th Richard Elliott Richard Elliott $954
17690th John Condia John Condia $104
923rd Craig Venson Craig Venson $2,224
9146th Scott Starbuck Scott Starbuck $533
5282nd Ryan Hamilton Ryan Hamilton $767
N/A Bret Slater Bret Slater $0
N/A Bob Mazurowski Bob Mazurowski $0
16441st Charles Ragsdale Charles Ragsdale $142
N/A Raymon Porchia Raymon Porchia $0
1045th Mike Anderson Mike Anderson $2,065
6923rd Jeremy Hamm Jeremy Hamm $637
9244th Chris Gamayo Chris Gamayo $528
1407th Todd Naughton Todd Naughton $1,716