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Rank Name Raised
N/A Bob Potter Bob Potter 3years $0
N/A Kathleen Washington Kathleen Washington 7years $0
213th Keith Wills Keith Wills 7years $176
N/A Lee Crow Lee Crow 6years $0
N/A Quentin Ward Quentin Ward 5years $0
N/A Vincent Marcellus Vincent Marcellus 4years $0
N/A Adam Cook Adam Cook 4years $0
533rd Andre Varunok Andre Varunok 3years $26
N/A Andrew Parker Andrew Parker 5years $0
260th Andy Moss Andy Moss 6years $124
N/A Arthur Thompson Arthur Thompson 4years $0
N/A August Burchard August Burchard 3years $0
N/A Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 5years $0
N/A Bob Willets Bob Willets 3years $0
N/A Brandon Clement Brandon Clement 3years $0
188th Brandon David East Brandon David East 3years $212
310th Brett Clark Brett Clark 6years $104
260th Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann 4years $124
451st Brian Stephens Brian Stephens 3years $50
N/A Bryan Brown Bryan Brown 4years $0