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Rank Name Raised
2821st Doug Spriggs Doug Spriggs $106
N/A Dustin Helton Dustin Helton $0
1699th Dustin McGowan Dustin McGowan $205
N/A Edgar Mejia Edgar Mejia $0
N/A Elizabeth Zerbest Elizabeth Zerbest $0
N/A Elyse Donaldson Elyse Donaldson $0
N/A Evan Gunsberg Evan Gunsberg $0
N/A Fatbike Rider Fatbike Rider $0
1855th Fernando Sattaur Fernando Sattaur $186
N/A Fran Wenbert Fran Wenbert $0
N/A Francisco Hernandez Francisco Hernandez $0
N/A Gabriel Esparza Gabriel Esparza $0
N/A Gaburu Twitch Gaburu Twitch $0
N/A Garret Gooch Garret Gooch $0
273rd Garry Forman Garry Forman $743
2580th Georges Louis Georges Louis $120
5366th Gilberto Faisca Gilberto Faisca $35
N/A Grace Ludwig Grace Ludwig $0
N/A Graham Morris Graham Morris $0
N/A Greg Edwards Greg Edwards $0