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Rank Name Raised
N/A Larry Hall Larry Hall $0
N/A Laura Owen Laura Owen $0
N/A Laura wheeler Laura wheeler $0
N/A LeeAnn Payne LeeAnn Payne $0
N/A Linda Porter Linda Porter $0
N/A Lindsey Bowers Lindsey Bowers $0
N/A Lisa Giuliani Lisa Giuliani $0
N/A Lisa Schwab Lisa Schwab $0
N/A Lori James Lori James $0
N/A Lori Moccardi Lori Moccardi $0
N/A Louis Monico Louis Monico $0
N/A Lucius Xuan Lucius Xuan $0
N/A Luis Hernandez Luis Hernandez $0
N/A Luke Pack Luke Pack $0
N/A Mal Daniel Mal Daniel $0
N/A Marcy Sterner Gineris Marcy Sterner Gineris $0
N/A Maria Novak Maria Novak $0
N/A Mark Wadmunski/Dr Wesley Mark Wadmunski/Dr Wesley $0
N/A Mark Yager Mark Yager $0
N/A Mark Zautner Mark Zautner $0