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Rank Name Raised
90th Tricia Manns Tricia Manns $50
118th Matthew Blaine Matthew Blaine $46.58
119th Kevin Callahan Kevin Callahan $45
120th Jamie Larson Jamie Larson $42.16
121st Christian Lambert Christian Lambert $36.23
121st Patrick Graves Patrick Graves $36.23
123rd Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo $35
123rd Barry V. Wood Jr Barry V. Wood Jr $35
123rd Bernice Toler Bernice Toler $35
123rd Carla Alviso Carla Alviso $35
123rd Dena Crisp Dena Crisp $35
123rd Howard High Howard High $35
123rd Katherine Houston Katherine Houston $35
123rd Mary Paskett Mary Paskett $35
123rd Sally Reed Smith Sally Reed Smith $35
123rd Terri Brooks Terri Brooks $35
133rd Kimberly Damron Kimberly Damron $30
133rd michelle beaulieu michelle beaulieu $30
133rd Renee Fesler Renee Fesler $30
133rd William Dorman William Dorman $30