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Rank Name Raised
272nd Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $1,010
273rd Jim Haisler Jim Haisler 6years $1,009
274th Garry Oosthuizen Garry Oosthuizen $1,008
275th Randy Curry Randy Curry 7years $1,008
276th John Gist John Gist 4years $1,004
277th Benjamin Olivas Benjamin Olivas 2years $1,003
278th Jackie Marquette Jackie Marquette $1,003
279th Jeff Forehand Jeff Forehand 2years $1,002
280th Derek English Derek English 4years $1,000
281st Tony Johnsey Tony Johnsey $1,000
282nd Sara Wells Sara Wells 2years $997
283rd Steve Bouchard Steve Bouchard 5years $991
284th Gabe Pacheco Gabe Pacheco 6years $991
285th Mark Gonsalves Mark Gonsalves 2years $988
1690th Darren Myles  Brestin Darren Myles Brestin 2years $988
286th Ryan Mitchell Ryan Mitchell $983
287th Len Sadowski Len Sadowski 4years $983
288th Joe Davison Joe Davison $979
289th Dan Rhoden Dan Rhoden 2years $979
290th Cheryl Voutour Cheryl Voutour 5years $962