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Rank Name Raised
N/A Roger Parr Roger Parr $0
N/A Ryan Mackey Ryan Mackey $0
N/A Vince Faraone Vince Faraone $0
N/A Zakendrae Turner Zakendrae Turner $0
N/A Paul Nash Paul Nash $0
N/A Anne Kubitsky Anne Kubitsky $0
N/A David Cervantes David Cervantes $0
N/A Alyssa Jewell Alyssa Jewell $0
N/A Donald Jenkins Donald Jenkins $0
N/A Joey DePaco Joey DePaco $0
N/A Kara Mayo Kara Mayo $0
N/A Katherine DuPont Katherine DuPont $0
N/A Kiel Safstrom Kiel Safstrom $0
N/A Kinfe Gebriel Kinfe Gebriel $0
N/A Qi Li Qi Li $0
N/A Robert M. Beach Robert M. Beach $0
21700th Esther Reed Esther Reed $36
N/A Libbie Fedder Libbie Fedder $0
N/A Giovanni Rajkovic Giovanni Rajkovic $0
N/A Joseph Hockensmith Joseph Hockensmith $0