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Rank Name Raised
136th Nick Johnston Nick Johnston 3years $572
137th Bart Smith Bart Smith 5years $569
138th Antonio Arroyo Antonio Arroyo $568
139th Jackie Nieman Jackie Nieman 4years $566
140th Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll 4years $564
141st Brandon David East Brandon David East 3years $560
142nd Jordy Lane Jordy Lane 2years $559
143rd David Spitulnik David Spitulnik 5years $557
144th Matthew Loos Matthew Loos 5years $556
145th Dana Edwards Dana Edwards $554
145th Eduardo Narvaez Eduardo Narvaez 3years $223
146th Emily Lane Emily Lane 6years $553
N/A Patrick O'Hagerty Patrick O'Hagerty 2years $0
147th John Bagley John Bagley 6years $552
148th Linda Messinger Linda Messinger 3years $545
149th Azeem Moorji Azeem Moorji 2years $542
150th Keith Wills Keith Wills 7years $540
151st Joseph Loughrey Joseph Loughrey 2years $538
152nd Al Sherman Al Sherman 5years $538
152nd andrew weiner andrew weiner 3years $538