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Rank Name Raised
868th Elizabeth Vincent Elizabeth Vincent $100
868th Erika Bourque Erika Bourque $100
868th Ethan Meyer Ethan Meyer $100
868th Frank Scalet Frank Scalet $100
868th Fred Rentas Fred Rentas $100
868th G Terence Leslie G Terence Leslie $100
868th Gary Christopher Gary Christopher $100
868th Glyn Rimmington Glyn Rimmington $100
868th Grace Marquis Grace Marquis $100
868th Hans Ku Hans Ku $100
868th Holly Clark Holly Clark $100
868th Iva Werling Ashley Iva Werling Ashley $100
868th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday $100
868th Janice Randel Janice Randel $100
868th Jared Rohrs Jared Rohrs $100
868th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes $100
868th Jeri Ellis Jeri Ellis $100
868th Jessica Wooton Jessica Wooton $100
868th Jill BURBEY Jill BURBEY $100
868th Jim Voeglein Jim Voeglein $100