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Rank Name Raised
467th Tim Wahlstrom Tim Wahlstrom $36
467th timothy hernandez timothy hernandez 4years $36
467th Tricia Norris Tricia Norris 3years $36
467th Wayne Giese Wayne Giese 3years $36
467th Zachariah Dodge Zachariah Dodge 2years $36
520th Nicole Schroeder Nickell Nicole Schroeder Nickell 2years $35
521st Jamie Moffit Jamie Moffit 5years $31
521st Jan Blackburn Jan Blackburn 6years $31
521st Werner Melinz Werner Melinz $31
524th Arlene Wang Arlene Wang 3years $30
525th Julia Nanigian Julia Nanigian 7years $27
526th Starr Jacobs Starr Jacobs $27
527th Aaron Stadnyck Aaron Stadnyck $26
527th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok 3years $26
527th Barbara Small Barbara Small 3years $26
527th Becky Wolfe Esker Becky Wolfe Esker $26
527th Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott 5years $26
527th Juan Santana Juan Santana 7years $26
527th Keely Gammon Keely Gammon 3years $26
527th Linda Hockenberry Linda Hockenberry 2years $26