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Rank Name Raised
139th Taylor lewin Taylor lewin $336
140th Scott Harkleroad Scott Harkleroad $335
141st Karthik Kalikiri Karthik Kalikiri $335
142nd Sommer Larson Sommer Larson $333
143rd Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $327
144th Cindi Corson Berry Cindi Corson Berry $321
145th Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $319
146th Elena Camargo Elena Camargo $316
147th Lorraine Maguire Lorraine Maguire $316
148th Kevin Daly Kevin Daly $313
149th Stephen Smithers Stephen Smithers $311
150th Maciej Mackowicz Maciej Mackowicz $311
151st Eric Barrans Eric Barrans $310
151st Peter Vottis Peter Vottis $310
153rd C. Bradford Banks C. Bradford Banks $308
216th Rita Jester Rita Jester $307
154th Ocean Babin Ocean Babin $307
155th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey $304
156th Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor $300
157th Gracie Fergueson Gracie Fergueson $295