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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jonathan Roy Jonathan Roy $0
N/A Jonathan Sabatino Jonathan Sabatino $0
N/A Jonathon Sprabary Jonathon Sprabary $0
N/A jordan vanwinkle jordan vanwinkle $0
N/A Jose Ponce Jose Ponce $0
N/A Joseph Edwards Joseph Edwards $0
N/A Joseph Green Joseph Green $0
N/A Joseph W Lambert Jr Joseph W Lambert Jr $0
N/A Josh Hibbison Josh Hibbison $0
N/A Josh Reed Josh Reed $0
N/A Joshua Seaborn Joshua Seaborn $0
N/A Joshua T Carter Joshua T Carter $0
N/A Juan Cordero Juan Cordero $0
N/A Julian Almaraz Julian Almaraz $0
N/A Julie Dewitz Julie Dewitz $0
N/A Julie Spielman Julie Spielman $0
N/A Justin Kent Justin Kent $0
N/A Kami Tassin Kami Tassin $0
N/A Karen Martens Karen Martens $0
N/A Kate Polk Kate Polk $0