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Rank Name Raised
229th Stan Bednarchyk Stan Bednarchyk $763
230th Ben Croll Ben Croll $763
231st Mark Whitcomb Mark Whitcomb $762
232nd dillan brunk dillan brunk $761
233rd Bob Perrell Bob Perrell $760
234th Pauline Prieto Pauline Prieto $759
235th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson $757
236th Lauren Edwards Lauren Edwards $757
237th Evan Fusco Evan Fusco $755
238th Chris Dixon Chris Dixon $754
239th Paul Gheer Paul Gheer $752
240th Chad Rodgers Chad Rodgers $751
240th Robert Bruch Robert Bruch $78
241st Arleny Alvarez-Pena Arleny Alvarez-Pena $751
242nd Steven King Steven King $750
243rd Joe Brenneman Joe Brenneman $745
244th Michael Irwin Michael Irwin $745
245th Roberto L. Munoz Roberto L. Munoz $745
246th Katrina Woods Katrina Woods $745
247th Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $745