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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Joestrong Team Joestrong $6,873
Members of Team Joestrong
41st Jim Pickell Jim Pickell $728
47th Darryl Warren Darryl Warren $649
48th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $639
52nd Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $590
72nd Bob Arzadon Bob Arzadon $525
96th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour $449
97th Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen $445
98th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $432
139th Jay Godin Jay Godin $264
150th Couri Childs Couri Childs $250
154th Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $233
160th William Dorman William Dorman $222
170th Ricardo Andreu Ricardo Andreu $200
171st Erika Schoberle Erika Schoberle $199
179th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok $185
210th Arley Fong Arley Fong $136
253rd Jeremy Lohman Jeremy Lohman $104
253rd Paula Smith Paula Smith $104
253rd Sara Lohman Sara Lohman $104
299th Susan Jago Susan Jago $93
301st Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $90
348th Rodger Moran Rodger Moran $62
422nd Austin Guerrier Austin Guerrier $36
392nd Dan Nanu Dan Nanu $36
422nd John Box John Box $36
592nd Lauren Tigner Lauren Tigner $31
592nd Pascale Head Pascale Head $31
N/A Alejandra Penedo Alejandra Penedo $0
N/A Allison Foley Allison Foley $0
N/A April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma $0
N/A Denise Hay Denise Hay $0
N/A Jackie Tabony Jackie Tabony $0
N/A Jon Clayton Jon Clayton $0
N/A Jose Medina Jose Medina $0
N/A Kiersten Linde Kiersten Linde $0
N/A Lorraine Robles Lorraine Robles $0
N/A Melissa Hiebert Melissa Hiebert $0
N/A Riley Beute Riley Beute $0
N/A Sarah Andreu Sarah Andreu $0
N/A Terri Holt Terri Holt $0
N/A Twilia Prater Craft Twilia Prater Craft $0
N/A Valerie Piarowski Johnson Valerie Piarowski Johnson $0
2nd Team Kahleesi Team Kahleesi $6,546
Members of Team Kahleesi
5th Julie Spielman Julie Spielman $3,077
37th Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne Kahleesi Balcer-Byrne $880
59th Jason CAMPBELL Jason CAMPBELL $562
73rd Sally Rech Sally Rech $524
86th Tom Schultz Tom Schultz $500
114th Levi Hogan Levi Hogan $331
216th Matt Rassette Matt Rassette $124
237th Debi Cool King Debi Cool King $123
247th Fisher Ames Fisher Ames $109
287th Angela Moran Angela Moran $100
319th John Brennan John Brennan $72
422nd Joe Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand $36
422nd Kathleen Pfeiffer Kathleen Pfeiffer $36
N/A Andy Smith Andy Smith $0
N/A April Thompson April Thompson $0
N/A Cathy Dougherty Cathy Dougherty $0
N/A Hope Hogan Hope Hogan $0
N/A Joseph McCullough Joseph McCullough $0
N/A Melissa Wolcott Melissa Wolcott $0
N/A Thad Gage Thad Gage $0
3rd Team Goose Team Goose $913
Members of Team Goose
4th Fil-Am Bikers Fil-Am Bikers $507
Members of Fil-Am Bikers
83rd Anjo Neil D. Guillermo Anjo Neil D. Guillermo $507
5th Team Jackson Team Jackson $461
Members of Team Jackson
93rd Larry Hall Larry Hall $461
6th 901 Wheel Warriors 901 Wheel Warriors $361
Members of 901 Wheel Warriors
187th Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry $174
201st Richard Coleman Richard Coleman $151
422nd Cindy Rickert Cindy Rickert $36
7th Team Believe Team Believe $285
Members of Team Believe
142nd Timothy Bargelski Timothy Bargelski $259
624th Kathleen Granelli Kathleen Granelli $26
8th GCC Road Warriors GCC Road Warriors $256
Members of GCC Road Warriors
167th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey $204
355th Courtney Close Courtney Close $52
9th Lions Roar Lions Roar $248
Members of Lions Roar
152nd Matthew Johnson Matthew Johnson $248
10th Cycling4Kids Cycling4Kids $204
Members of Cycling4Kids
167th John Lovra John Lovra $204
N/A John Martin John Martin $0
11th CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $124
Members of CalliesCrew
216th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $124
12th Bikelife Bikelife $103
Members of Bikelife
286th Charlie C Charlie C $103
13th Broward College Riders Broward College Riders $52
Members of Broward College Riders
355th Etty Sims Etty Sims $52
14th Abundant Grace Cycling Team Abundant Grace Cycling Team $36
Members of Abundant Grace Cycling Team
422nd Tom Calkins Tom Calkins $36
N/A Phil Courson Phil Courson $0
15th Antiquated Army Antiquated Army $36
Members of Antiquated Army
422nd The Antiquated Gent The Antiquated Gent $36
16th Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family $36
Members of Children's Cancer Research Fund Friends & Family
422nd Angeli Breiner Angeli Breiner $36
17th Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders $36
Members of Delaware Valley Tri-state Riders
422nd Andrew Marchegiano-smith Andrew Marchegiano-smith $36
18th Middle of the Mitten Michigan Middle of the Mitten Michigan $36
Members of Middle of the Mitten Michigan
19th Poffenriders Poffenriders $36
Members of Poffenriders
422nd Nancy Poffenbarger Nancy Poffenbarger $36
20th Unicyclers Unicyclers $35
Members of Unicyclers
588th Paolo Piro Paolo Piro $35
N/A Jessica Martin Jessica Martin $0
N/A Scot Myhr Scot Myhr $0
21st Healing Healing $21
Members of Healing
637th Maria Hall Maria Hall $21
N/A Felipe De Bedout Felipe De Bedout $0
N/A eXp New York Cares eXp New York Cares $0
Members of eXp New York Cares
N/A Barbara Perez Barbara Perez $0
N/A Georgia Peddlers Georgia Peddlers $0
Members of Georgia Peddlers
N/A Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp $0
N/A MonteCycling Team MonteCycling Team $0
Members of MonteCycling Team
N/A Goering Coffey Goering Coffey $0
N/A Ride for Reason Ride for Reason $0
Members of Ride for Reason
N/A Brandi Bower Brandi Bower $0
N/A RideToLive RideToLive $0
Members of RideToLive
N/A Sinem Sonsaat Hegelheimer Sinem Sonsaat Hegelheimer $0
N/A Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends $0
Members of Sean Scott Strother Family & Friends
N/A Evelin Rios Evelin Rios $0
N/A Janet Banks Janet Banks $0
N/A YouCanCome YouCanCome $0
Members of YouCanCome
N/A Sarvesh Deshmukh Sarvesh Deshmukh $0
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