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Rank Name Raised
1st Team Nat Team Nat $11,688
Members of Team Nat
2nd Lisa Christiansen Lisa Christiansen $4,211
70th Susan Torpy Susan Torpy $617
81st Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $580
104th Jolie Hoffmann Jolie Hoffmann $520
138th Shane Alimo Shane Alimo $457
141st Scott Harkleroad Scott Harkleroad $449
194th Jennifer Hunt Jennifer Hunt $353
225th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia $304
231st Dennis Premo Dennis Premo $300
247th Molly Rosen-Blumberg Molly Rosen-Blumberg $280
279th Katy Hawley Katy Hawley $250
319th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard $224
337th Thomas Revely Thomas Revely $212
346th Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $207
368th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $197
404th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $181
425th Matthew Beltowski Matthew Beltowski $174
447th Laurie Surprenant Laurie Surprenant $160
481st Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich $150
671st Bev Charbonneau Bev Charbonneau $106
672nd Kristen Plotner Kristen Plotner $105
703rd Colby Ingram Colby Ingram $100
703rd Holly Clark Holly Clark $100
703rd Rob Ince Rob Ince $100
879th Renee Fesler Renee Fesler $85
900th Denise Hay Denise Hay $78
913th Richard Gottlieb Richard Gottlieb $75
955th Dena Crisp Dena Crisp $71
N/A Kevin Paul Deteau Kevin Paul Deteau $70
964th Mark Miller Mark Miller $70
964th Rory Crawford Rory Crawford $70
1035th George Singleton George Singleton $65
1071st Walt Getzinger Walt Getzinger $56
1127th Aaron Mercier Aaron Mercier $50
1127th Amanda Curren Amanda Curren $50
1127th Chandra Brewer Chandra Brewer $50
1127th Dawn Stastny Dawn Stastny $50
1127th Kelly Vlasis Kelly Vlasis $50
1127th Linda Mike Linda Mike $50
1127th Marie Pisarcik Marie Pisarcik $50
1127th Maureen Karbowski Maureen Karbowski $50
1335th Luke Hietpas Luke Hietpas $41
1370th Dave Scadlock Dave Scadlock $36
1409th Maria Richardson Maria Richardson $35
1409th Scott Krieger Scott Krieger $35
1661st Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie $26
1693rd Eileen Wild Eileen Wild $25
1774th Alex Huff Alex Huff $21
1791st Sarah Sehm Sarah Sehm $20
1872nd Sam Prosser Sam Prosser $10
1872nd Will Himes Will Himes $10
N/A Aimee Cousin Aimee Cousin $0
N/A Amy Jones Amy Jones $0
N/A Anita Mondo Anita Mondo $0
N/A Anneke Mossa Anneke Mossa $0
N/A Brian Oliver Brian Oliver $0
N/A Bridget Harpster Bridget Harpster $0
N/A Carolyn Mooney Carolyn Mooney $0
N/A Chelsea Grube Chelsea Grube $0
N/A Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario $0
N/A Dale Murray Dale Murray $0
N/A Daniela Martinez Daniela Martinez $0
N/A David Dobbs David Dobbs $0
N/A Desiree Henderson Desiree Henderson $0
N/A Desiree Henderson Desiree Henderson $0
N/A Gérard Jussaume Gérard Jussaume $0
N/A Hector Contreras Hector Contreras $0
N/A Jennifer Kachinski Jennifer Kachinski $0
N/A Jeremy Lavender Jeremy Lavender $0
N/A Joe Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand $0
N/A John Norris John Norris $0
N/A Jonathan Chaisty Jonathan Chaisty $0
N/A Julie Clinkenbeard Julie Clinkenbeard $0
N/A Kevin Karr Kevin Karr $0
N/A Laura Fitzpatrick Laura Fitzpatrick $0
N/A Lucy Lepola Lucy Lepola $0
N/A Lynda Haines Parker Lynda Haines Parker $0
N/A Mallory Rickloff Mallory Rickloff $0
N/A Maria Novak Maria Novak $0
N/A Pamela Hazen Pamela Hazen $0
N/A Rosendo Cruz Rosendo Cruz $0
N/A Ryan Hamilton Ryan Hamilton $0
N/A Stacey Roberts Stacey Roberts $0
N/A Thomas Lowe Thomas Lowe $0
N/A Tina Van Doren Tina Van Doren $0
N/A Trevor Lawton Trevor Lawton $0
N/A Vickie Wilson Vickie Wilson $0
2nd GCC Chain Gang GCC Chain Gang $2,220
Members of GCC Chain Gang
44th Greg Frederick Greg Frederick $732
85th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $563
173rd Jen Williams Jen Williams $378
311th Paul Cole Paul Cole $228
545th Jesse Urban Jesse Urban $131
675th Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann $104
1661st John Cooper John Cooper $26
638th Franklin Schultz Franklin Schultz $25
1772nd Jacob Hill Jacob Hill $24
N/A Ashley Price Ashley Price $10
N/A Anthony Whyte Anthony Whyte $0
N/A Franklin Schultz Franklin Schultz $0
N/A Jack Benjamin Jack Benjamin $0
N/A Joe Guyette Joe Guyette $0
N/A John Bowman John Bowman $0
N/A john krause john krause $0
3rd McLain Race Team & Friends McLain Race Team & Friends $962
Members of McLain Race Team & Friends
38th George Shumar George Shumar $770
703rd Steven Stock Steven Stock $100
1068th Steve Mentzer Steve Mentzer $57
1409th Chuck Hathaway Chuck Hathaway $35
N/A Joni Sommerville Joni Sommerville $0
N/A Paul Hathaway Paul Hathaway $0
4th Team 213 Team 213 $801
Members of Team 213
35th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $801
5th Team 360 Team 360 $415
Members of Team 360
153rd Annyetta Lyttle Annyetta Lyttle $415
N/A Diane Dorn Diane Dorn $0
6th Schenectady Great Cycle Challenge Schenectady Great Cycle Challenge $367
Members of Schenectady Great Cycle Challenge
183rd Christopher Ballester Christopher Ballester $367
Members of KOOTASCA
668th Gail A Beckman Gail A Beckman $107
703rd Maureen Rosato Maureen Rosato $100
N/A Haley Berkeland Haley Berkeland $75
1409th Sarah Jensen Sarah Jensen $35
N/A Dale Jokinen Dale Jokinen $0
N/A Linda Reed Linda Reed $0
N/A Marta Carrigan Marta Carrigan $0
8th Pedal Pushers Pedal Pushers $287
Members of Pedal Pushers
499th Jonathan Bowmer Jonathan Bowmer $148
518th Mark Zautner Mark Zautner $140
N/A Jeff Byrnes Jeff Byrnes $0
9th Northeast Indiana Riders Northeast Indiana Riders $285
Members of Northeast Indiana Riders
245th Elizabeth Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman $285
N/A Joel Fields Joel Fields $0
N/A Kyle Koontz Kyle Koontz $0
N/A Sara Bai Advany Sara Bai Advany $0
Members of BE POSITIVE
315th michelle beaulieu michelle beaulieu $227
Members of CT LIONS ROAR
848th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector $93
1127th Darlene Brady Darlene Brady $50
1127th George Bentley George Bentley $50
N/A Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron $0
N/A Ed Fenton Ed Fenton $0
N/A Jamie Perna Jamie Perna $0
N/A Joyce Mrazik Joyce Mrazik $0
12th Team California Love Team California Love $166
Members of Team California Love
552nd Michael Hermogeno Michael Hermogeno $129
1344th Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $36
N/A James Chaves James Chaves $0
N/A Mayhieli Cortez Mayhieli Cortez $0
13th Team 4F Team 4F $162
Members of Team 4F
443rd Dan Knight Dan Knight $162
14th MattyAndAnnika.LIFE MattyAndAnnika.LIFE $133
Members of MattyAndAnnika.LIFE
1066th Matthew Blaine Matthew Blaine $57
N/A Jonathan Austen Jonathan Austen $35
N/A Gunther Sis Hoffmann Gunther Sis Hoffmann $10
N/A Chris Sieprath Chris Sieprath $0
N/A Gaburu Twitch Gaburu Twitch $0
N/A Ryan Kuhar Ryan Kuhar $0
15th Dixie Pediatrics Dixie Pediatrics $109
Members of Dixie Pediatrics
1370th Sherry Berryessa Sherry Berryessa $36
N/A Adam Cheney Adam Cheney $0
N/A Jason Mac Jason Mac $0
Members of TEAM JESSE
1409th Julie Larrison Julie Larrison $35
N/A Joyce Cox Joyce Cox $0
17th Summer Hill - MD Summer Hill - MD $70
Members of Summer Hill - MD
964th Michael Petrella Michael Petrella $70
18th Team Jax Team Jax $70
Members of Team Jax
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $70
19th The Church Team Keller Williams Drive The Church Team Keller Williams Drive $66
Members of The Church Team Keller Williams Drive
1329th Michael Church Michael Church $41
1693rd Carol Church Carol Church $25
20th BayBikers BayBikers $50
Members of BayBikers
1127th Christine Kortze Christine Kortze $50
21st Harbor Beach for HOPE Harbor Beach for HOPE $50
Members of Harbor Beach for HOPE
1127th Jennifer Riley Kelley Jennifer Riley Kelley $50
22nd Team Jessie Team Jessie $50
Members of Team Jessie
1127th Jim Davis Jim Davis $50
N/A Derek Braun Derek Braun $0
N/A Jayme Lawler Jayme Lawler $0
N/A Kristine Rios Villegas Kristine Rios Villegas $0
23rd Troop 366 Troop 366 $46
Members of Troop 366
1344th Jimmy Koubsky Jimmy Koubsky $36
1872nd Larry Koubsky Larry Koubsky $10
24th In Honor of Brooke Foster In Honor of Brooke Foster $40
Members of In Honor of Brooke Foster
N/A Barbie Koerth Barbie Koerth $40
25th Warriors Warriors $36
Members of Warriors
N/A Charlotte Cerminaro Charlotte Cerminaro $0
26th Izard County Izard County $36
Members of Izard County
1370th Richard A. Williams Richard A. Williams $36
1370th Dyan Ralph Dyan Ralph $36
28th Sacramento A team Sacramento A team $35
Members of Sacramento A team
1409th Bobby Joaquin Bobby Joaquin $35
29th Wrestlers Wrestlers $35
Members of Wrestlers
1409th Robert Fowler Robert Fowler $35
30th Donate Life Donate Life $25
Members of Donate Life
1693rd Michele Dabal Michele Dabal $25
31st Joys Classic Crew Joys Classic Crew $21
Members of Joys Classic Crew
1774th Joy Carter Joy Carter $21
32nd North Shore Riders North Shore Riders $20
Members of North Shore Riders
1791st Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth $20
N/A Dillon Vial Dillon Vial $0
33rd Team Wonderwomen Team Wonderwomen $10
Members of Team Wonderwomen
1872nd Susan Rex Durham Susan Rex Durham $10
N/A #4theKids #4theKids $0
Members of #4theKids
N/A Mary Ann Herlitzke Mary Ann Herlitzke $0
N/A Pat Chilsen Pat Chilsen $0
N/A Adonhearth Adonhearth $0
Members of Adonhearth
N/A Marcus Soulsage Simmons Marcus Soulsage Simmons $0
N/A Ainsley’s HALO Ainsley’s HALO $0
Members of Ainsley’s HALO
N/A Elizabeth Franti Elizabeth Franti $0
N/A Albuquerque cares! Albuquerque cares! $0
Members of Albuquerque cares!
N/A Robb Schubert Robb Schubert $0
N/A Beyondriven Bikers Beyondriven Bikers $0
Members of Beyondriven Bikers
N/A Kelsey Walther Kelsey Walther $0
N/A Matt Walther Matt Walther $0
N/A Nancy Chapman Nancy Chapman $0
N/A Bike Lover Bike Lover $0
Members of Bike Lover
N/A Eady Green Eady Green $0
N/A Buckeye Lake Cycling Buckeye Lake Cycling $0
Members of Buckeye Lake Cycling
N/A Tim Koenig Tim Koenig $0
N/A CBL.216 CBL.216 $0
Members of CBL.216
N/A Jasom Orr Jasom Orr $0
N/A Kanye Williams Kanye Williams $0
N/A CoPa CoPa $0
Members of CoPa
N/A Mimi May Mimi May $0
N/A Cramerwoods Cramerwoods $0
Members of Cramerwoods
N/A Jack Hayes Jack Hayes $0
N/A Crazy.Ultra.Love Crazy.Ultra.Love $0
Members of Crazy.Ultra.Love
N/A James Mitchell James Mitchell $0
N/A Cycle Towards A Cure Cycle Towards A Cure $0
Members of Cycle Towards A Cure
N/A Timothy Myers Timothy Myers $0
N/A De-Feet Cancer De-Feet Cancer $0
Members of De-Feet Cancer
N/A Jessica Piwowarski Jessica Piwowarski $0
Members of DTRA-E
N/A Peter Larsen Peter Larsen $0
N/A Ricky Maldonado Ricky Maldonado $0
N/A f1ac f1ac $0
Members of f1ac
N/A Aaron Benaivdz Aaron Benaivdz $0
N/A Fearofdoom13 Fearofdoom13 $0
Members of Fearofdoom13
N/A Keaton Weaver Keaton Weaver $0
N/A Free Wheeler’s Free Wheeler’s $0
Members of Free Wheeler’s
N/A Corey Ponnath Corey Ponnath $0
N/A Ginny Culey Ginny Culey $0