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76 years old and over

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Rank Name Raised
1st Lawrence Wiken Lawrence Wiken $20,095
2nd Bonnie Jo Cheron Bonnie Jo Cheron 2years $5,764
4th Laura Lane Bender Laura Lane Bender 4years $4,778
5th Herb Hooper Jr Herb Hooper Jr 4years $4,618
6th Andre Louis Andre Louis $4,276
7th Michael Craffey Michael Craffey $3,924
8th Usha Mehta Usha Mehta 3years $3,423
9th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 2years $3,101
10th James Fuller James Fuller 2years $3,001
11th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 2years $2,727
12th Mark Leech Mark Leech 2years $2,382
13th Benny Bennight Benny Bennight 2years $2,240
14th Patrick Caldwell Patrick Caldwell $2,065
15th Pat McMillin Pat McMillin $1,817
16th Murray Fishel Murray Fishel 2years $1,789
17th Ralph Vickrey Ralph Vickrey 2years $1,788
18th Ronald Dye Ronald Dye 4years $1,597
19th Louann Novak Louann Novak $1,558
20th Patricia Berglund Patricia Berglund $1,551
21st Charlie Laufer Charlie Laufer 3years $1,538
22nd Robert Semenza Robert Semenza 4years $1,513
23rd Jerry Squyres Jerry Squyres $1,507
24th Ann Buettnerglass Ann Buettnerglass 2years $1,506
25th John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter 7years $1,380
26th Janet Glo Stokes Janet Glo Stokes $1,314
27th Ron Guido Ron Guido 2years $1,312
28th Shelley Knee Shelley Knee $1,215
29th Bob BIERSCHEID Bob BIERSCHEID 4years $1,214
30th Merilyn Smith Merilyn Smith 3years $1,169
31st Thomas Basdekis Thomas Basdekis $1,086
32nd Denis Creazzi Denis Creazzi 3years $1,068
33rd Dave Althaus Dave Althaus $1,045
34th Fran Doyle Fran Doyle $1,012
35th Rex Hoppa Rex Hoppa $1,005
36th Peter Dixon Peter Dixon $1,003
37th Stan Olds Stan Olds $998
38th Carol Hackman Carol Hackman 6years $940
39th Maxine Goldner-Whitener Maxine Goldner-Whitener 3years $936
40th Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann 2years $918
41st Terry Nelson Terry Nelson 3years $911
42nd Charles Starnes Charles Starnes $905
43rd Len Richan Len Richan 2years $880
44th Harry Davis Harry Davis 3years $872
45th Donna Higgons Donna Higgons 2years $869
46th Sandy Lauder Sandy Lauder 2years $851
47th Bob Buettner Bob Buettner $808
49th Carroll Forehand Carroll Forehand 7years $769
50th Carlo Hansen Carlo Hansen $688