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76 years old and over

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Rank Name Raised
1st Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 3years $2,237
2nd Bob Birscheid Bob Birscheid 5years $1,045
3rd Don Stites Don Stites 2years $1,015
4th Linda Koepke Linda Koepke 2years $869
5th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher 3years $836
6th John Cook John Cook $828
7th Ona Porter Ona Porter 4years $795
8th Shelley Knee Shelley Knee 2years $778
9th Jason Lewis Jason Lewis 4years $718
10th Manny Rosario Manny Rosario 6years $668
11th Peggy Andrews Peggy Andrews 7years $658
12th Tom Tarvin Tom Tarvin $656
13th Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann 3years $653
14th Charlie Laufer Charlie Laufer 4years $503
15th J Floyd Johnson J Floyd Johnson 5years $398
16th Malinda Rawls Malinda Rawls 2years $351
17th Carol Hackman Carol Hackman 7years $333
18th Bob Darlin Bob Darlin 3years $331
19th Robert Goroski Robert Goroski 2years $327
20th Ron Guido Ron Guido 3years $308
21st Michael Hogan Michael Hogan 5years $300
22nd Jose B. CORTEZ Jose B. CORTEZ $295
23rd Crickit Rockwell Crickit Rockwell $284
24th Robert Semenza Robert Semenza 5years $272
25th William Bill Doll William Bill Doll 5years $270
26th Clara Clark Clara Clark 6years $269
27th Henry Pruitt Henry Pruitt 5years $268
28th Dave Althaus Dave Althaus 2years $259
29th Richard McCullough Richard McCullough 4years $254
30th Herb Hooper Jr Herb Hooper Jr 5years $243
31st Benny Bennight Benny Bennight 3years $207
32nd Ann Buettnerglass Ann Buettnerglass 3years $202
33rd Andre Louis Andre Louis 2years $192
34th Charles Starnes Charles Starnes 2years $171
36th Ralph Vickrey Ralph Vickrey 3years $149
37th Donna Sapp Donna Sapp $104
38th Gene Dalbey Gene Dalbey 4years $104
39th Stephen Baldwin Stephen Baldwin 2years $102
40th John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter 7years $100
41st Ronald Dye Ronald Dye 5years $100
42nd Maxine Goldner-Whitener Maxine Goldner-Whitener 4years $88
43rd Robert Kalstrom Robert Kalstrom $87
44th Larry Okun Larry Okun $83
45th Mark-Antonio R Smith Mark-Antonio R Smith 4years $83
46th Don Gephardt Don Gephardt 4years $76
47th Carroll Forehand Carroll Forehand 7years $72
48th Dick Isaacs Dick Isaacs $72
49th Fran Doyle Fran Doyle 2years $72
50th Roger Sovine Roger Sovine 2years $72