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Rank Name Raised
1st CATS Against Kid's Cancer CATS Against Kid's Cancer $15,541
Members of CATS Against Kid's Cancer
1st Michael Weitzman Michael Weitzman $13,084
264th Paul Horner Paul Horner $1,121
414th Danny Henderson Danny Henderson $949
4095th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday $180
5806th Martin Szostak Martin Szostak $104
5806th Patrick McNamara Patrick McNamara $104
N/A Rudi Tanck Rudi Tanck $0
2nd Nico Pulido - "The Super N" Nico Pulido - "The Super N" $9,449
Members of Nico Pulido - "The Super N"
102nd Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $1,651
184th Nicole Leontsinis Nicole Leontsinis $1,355
197th Ed Weaver Ed Weaver $1,312
339th Larry Hall Larry Hall $1,034
373rd Sandy Goodman Sandy Goodman $1,005
1116th Dara Elish Dara Elish $575
1212th Scott Child Scott Child $554
2348th Nicole Parrino Nicole Parrino $341
2459th Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott $326
2532nd Kathy Moon Kathy Moon $314
2713th Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano $293
4467th Tom Marshall Tom Marshall $159
4741st jackie truckey jackie truckey $145
4908th Jana Mills Jana Mills $139
7095th Brandon Britton Brandon Britton $72
7997th Angelina Moreno Angelina Moreno $52
9979th Carol Gilpin-Shannon Carol Gilpin-Shannon $35
10669th Jessica Renee Jessica Renee $26
14th Megan Welch Megan Welch $26
N/A Adam Downs Adam Downs $0
N/A Anthony Eure Anthony Eure $0
N/A Ashti Hayder Ashti Hayder $0
N/A Carol Gilpin Shannon Carol Gilpin Shannon $0
N/A Christine Keehn Christine Keehn $0
N/A Cindy Folding Cindy Folding $0
N/A Heather Boney Heather Boney $0
N/A Jean Sarchet Jean Sarchet $0
N/A Kamerion Pell Kamerion Pell $0
N/A Karen Henning Karen Henning $0
N/A Marcy Sterner Gineris Marcy Sterner Gineris $0
N/A Pablo Hernandez Pablo Hernandez $0
N/A Robin Batson Robin Batson $0
N/A Ryan Dimaquibo Ryan Dimaquibo $0
N/A Shelly Hill Shelly Hill $0
N/A Susie Martin Susie Martin $0
N/A Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor $0
N/A Tess Baker Tess Baker $0
3rd Chicago Cycling Project Chicago Cycling Project $7,673
Members of Chicago Cycling Project
4th Kevin Chan Kevin Chan $6,703
415th Kelley Ryan Kelley Ryan $949
11237th Veronica Benduski Veronica Benduski $21
N/A Jessica Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez $0
4th Gateway To A Cure Gateway To A Cure $7,663
Members of Gateway To A Cure
28th Andrew Black Andrew Black $2,798
115th Derek Buckridge Derek Buckridge $1,600
134th Jordan scheiderich Jordan scheiderich $1,525
254th Jason Heath Jason Heath $1,150
N/A Mike Steed Mike Steed $0
5th Team Kim Team Kim $6,901
Members of Team Kim
90th Sue Marlais Sue Marlais $1,756
202nd Julie Klein Julie Klein $1,284
238th Cheryl Collins Cheryl Collins $1,183
405th Trent D'Hooge Trent D'Hooge $966
706th Sue Wolfe Sue Wolfe $711
1250th Michelle D'Hooge Michelle D'Hooge $547
3435th Mary Claudino Mary Claudino $226
5806th Alex Cupps Alex Cupps $104
N/A Elizabeth Vierra Elizabeth Vierra $0
6th Ana's Team Ana's Team $5,832
Members of Ana's Team
8th Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias $4,526
705th Vincent Marcellus Vincent Marcellus $711
1037th John Ramey John Ramey $595
N/A Shabnam Singh Shabnam Singh $0
7th IG_Cancer_Fighters IG_Cancer_Fighters $5,687
Members of IG_Cancer_Fighters
294th Bob Potter Bob Potter $1,075
105th Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $1,001
543rd Clay Knisley Clay Knisley $815
650th Duane Schaefer Duane Schaefer $743
812th Janet Beckley Janet Beckley $660
2233rd Jaimie Morales Jaimie Morales $360
2834th Pamela Schwarz Pamela Schwarz $279
3937th Shannon Evans Shannon Evans $191
4698th Rob Luis Rob Luis $149
5310th Niki Guin Niki Guin $124
6076th Oscar Perez Oscar Perez $100
7752nd Brian Mark Maurer Brian Mark Maurer $60
7898th John Morrison John Morrison $56
9287th David Koepfinger David Koepfinger $36
9287th Libby DeRubertis Libby DeRubertis $36
N/A Akhil Patil Akhil Patil $0
N/A Cori Schrader Cori Schrader $0
N/A David Carr David Carr $0
N/A Jason Turenne Jason Turenne $0
N/A Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Ryan $0
N/A Millisa Coe Millisa Coe $0
N/A Wesley Moran Wesley Moran $0
8th My Drinking Team has a Cycling Problem My Drinking Team has a Cycling Problem $5,203
Members of My Drinking Team has a Cycling Problem
2550th Conner Markus Conner Markus $311
6700th David Gonzalez David Gonzalez $85
9th CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $4,124
Members of CalliesCrew
239th Nancy C Haas Nancy C Haas $1,180
2411th Eric Galindo Eric Galindo $828
1267th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $544
1370th Eric Matthews Eric Matthews $528
2325th Chris Dale Chris Dale $345
3244th Timothy Wahlstrom Timothy Wahlstrom $242
3766th Chesnea Livingston Chesnea Livingston $201
4909th Kathy Hakes Kathy Hakes $139
6751st Sara Watson Sara Watson $83
10588th Amber Timmons Amber Timmons $31
12249th Jena Fischer Jena Fischer $5
N/A Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas $0
N/A Joe Cordell Joe Cordell $0
N/A Mary Jess Hurley Mary Jess Hurley $0
N/A Shirley Hall Shirley Hall $0
N/A Trevor Kauf Trevor Kauf $0
10th Team Jenn Team Jenn $4,116
Members of Team Jenn
55th Jennifer Benns Jennifer Benns $2,245
194th Jessica Lehrner Jessica Lehrner $1,321
1233rd David Lehrner David Lehrner $551
N/A Greg Pavlov Greg Pavlov $0
11th Hope Faith and Belief Hope Faith and Belief $3,916
Members of Hope Faith and Belief
69th Prethi Gurumurthy Prethi Gurumurthy $2,000
374th Pradeep Gowda Pradeep Gowda $1,004
456th Ninad Gawade Ninad Gawade $891
12th 3 Amigos 3 Amigos $3,672
Members of 3 Amigos
24th Guy DAlessio Guy DAlessio $2,951
1911th Stephen Schnupp Stephen Schnupp $424
4733rd Kenneth Kennedy Kenneth Kennedy $147
13th Shepherd's Wolves Shepherd's Wolves $3,654
Members of Shepherd's Wolves
1489th T.K. St. Vincent T.K. St. Vincent $516
6575th Brett McReynolds Brett McReynolds $88
N/A Adam Hernandez Adam Hernandez $0
N/A Joel Araujo Joel Araujo $0
N/A Wilson Adams Wilson Adams $0
14th Grainy Day Pedalers Grainy Day Pedalers $3,582
Members of Grainy Day Pedalers
116th Tobias Pettinelli Tobias Pettinelli $1,593
738th Chris Scesny Chris Scesny $696
1564th Rojay Ragbeer Rojay Ragbeer $507
2063rd Dan Fedullo Dan Fedullo $392
2486th Christopher Sutorius Christopher Sutorius $321
15th We Ride For Those Who Can’t YET We Ride For Those Who Can’t YET $3,554
Members of We Ride For Those Who Can’t YET
57th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace $2,217
190th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $1,337
N/A Caleb Irwin Caleb Irwin $0
N/A Chris B Phillips Sr. Chris B Phillips Sr. $0
16th Get On Your Bikes And Ride! Get On Your Bikes And Ride! $3,452
Members of Get On Your Bikes And Ride!
323rd Krista Husemann Krista Husemann $1,047
736th Kayla Bishop Kayla Bishop $700
1023rd Philip Foster Philip Foster $598
1618th Michael Clanin Michael Clanin $504
2448th Ella Husemann Ella Husemann $326
2865th Joshua Seaborn Joshua Seaborn $278
N/A Robert Wuman Robert Wuman $0
17th Team Lyndog Team Lyndog $3,444
Members of Team Lyndog
44th Lynn Warnock Lynn Warnock $2,540
1308th Jason Mueller Jason Mueller $538
3189th Eddy Delgado Eddy Delgado $247
5842nd Brittany Hensley Brittany Hensley $61
11237th Bill Williams Bill Williams $21
18th Ruff Ryders Ruff Ryders $3,375
Members of Ruff Ryders
128th Jose Ramirez Jose Ramirez $1,549
288th Michael Hernandez Michael Hernandez $1,082
1081st Christopher King Christopher King $584
4402nd Christian Quinones Christian Quinones $160
N/A Saul Jimenez-Sanchez Saul Jimenez-Sanchez $0
19th Audrey Squad Audrey Squad $3,075
Members of Audrey Squad
42nd Laina Rajala Laina Rajala $2,585
3657th Doug Wood Doug Wood $207
4490th Bev Wood Bev Wood $155
6504th Julie Sonnek Julie Sonnek $92
9287th Brent Wood Brent Wood $36
N/A Ann Whitney Ann Whitney $0
N/A Shanna Wood Shanna Wood $0
20th Dumb and Dumberer Dumb and Dumberer $3,043
Members of Dumb and Dumberer
7530th Gary Watson Gary Watson $1,876
409th James Chapman James Chapman $993
21st Cycling4kids Cycling4kids $2,948
Members of Cycling4kids
206th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra $1,274
292nd Jacob Welmaker Jacob Welmaker $1,076
1228th Sherry McGartland Sherry McGartland $314
3475th Melly Ortega Melly Ortega $222
488th Maira Guerra Maira Guerra $52
11889th John Martin John Martin $10
N/A Andrea Pepe Wilder Andrea Pepe Wilder $0
N/A D F D F $0
N/A George Singleton George Singleton $0
N/A Meg Lane Meg Lane $0
N/A Monica Strother Monica Strother $0
N/A Pradnya Ghorpade Pradnya Ghorpade $0
N/A Robin Probart Robin Probart $0
N/A Toni May Toni May $0
22nd Team Bold Ambition Team Bold Ambition $2,884
Members of Team Bold Ambition
105th Mona Benrashid Mona Benrashid $1,636
1276th Cindy Carrigan Cindy Carrigan $543
1384th Michele Baber Michele Baber $526
5806th Nick Theilen Nick Theilen $104
6965th Heather vanderploeg Heather vanderploeg $76
N/A Ciara Kamper Ciara Kamper $0
N/A Kerry Parsons Kerry Parsons $0
23rd Stillwater Stillwater $2,835
Members of Stillwater
565th Scott Seymann Scott Seymann $800
N/A David Vitagliano David Vitagliano $0
N/A jonathan howard jonathan howard $0
N/A Patti Zlaket Patti Zlaket $0
24th K2&A2 K2&A2 $2,800
Members of K2&A2
225th Keif Bryant Keif Bryant $1,213
500th Andrea Trufan Andrea Trufan $845
880th Andy Heeps Andy Heeps $638
5806th Khristina Anastasopoulos Khristina Anastasopoulos $104
25th Ayahuapu - Solís Ayahuapu - Solís $2,753
Members of Ayahuapu - Solís
N/A Alison Solis Alison Solis $0
26th Pickleball Riders Pickleball Riders $2,657
Members of Pickleball Riders
36th Neal Ehrlich Neal Ehrlich $2,657
27th GCC Warriors Against Cancer GCC Warriors Against Cancer $2,580
Members of GCC Warriors Against Cancer
260th Keith Young Keith Young $1,134
1618th Danny Stout Danny Stout $504
1639th Brad Gardinier Brad Gardinier $502
1997th Marie Allison Amsden Marie Allison Amsden $404
N/A Chauncey M. Holloman Chauncey M. Holloman $0
N/A Gary Rickett Gary Rickett $0
28th Gridiron Gang Gridiron Gang $2,534
Members of Gridiron Gang
165th Viki Nulph Viki Nulph $1,408
2402nd Eric Bennett Eric Bennett $332
3299th Colton Peters Colton Peters $236
3578th Jeff Grover Jeff Grover $212
3884th Mike Feldman Mike Feldman $195
N/A Adam Croson Adam Croson $100
7997th tim hartman tim hartman $52
29th Carci- No Más !! Carci- No Más !! $2,456
Members of Carci- No Más !!
521st Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $826
1449th Christina Garcia Christina Garcia $519
1936th Kaitlin Ha Kaitlin Ha $419
2330th Beth Ha Beth Ha $344
5065th Michael Rabb-Brumfield Michael Rabb-Brumfield $129
6382nd Gabrielle Rabb Gabrielle Rabb $98
7598th Juanita Padilla Juanita Padilla $66
N/A Christina Tedeschi Christina Tedeschi $0
N/A Kymbria Fox Kymbria Fox $0
N/A Monte-Angel Richardson Monte-Angel Richardson $0
30th Kids Cancer Support Team: Riding for those who can't Kids Cancer Support Team: Riding for those who can't $2,455
Members of Kids Cancer Support Team: Riding for those who can't
2767th John Youker John Youker $285
N/A Edward LeNormand Edward LeNormand $0
N/A Michael Loomis Michael Loomis $0
31st Mighty Maddie Mighty Maddie $2,338
Members of Mighty Maddie
355th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $1,023
578th Eric Ramsey Eric Ramsey $787
1369th Bobby Beckert Bobby Beckert $528
32nd Toe Pokes Toe Pokes $2,337
Members of Toe Pokes
109th Geoff VanDeusen Geoff VanDeusen $1,615
762nd Tobin Truog Tobin Truog $686
33rd Roberge/Montville Roberge/Montville $2,318
Members of Roberge/Montville
1785th Cathy Montville Cathy Montville $471
2189th David Roberge David Roberge $369
34th Spinning the Wheels Spinning the Wheels $2,298
Members of Spinning the Wheels
217th Otto Enax Otto Enax $1,240
312th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson $1,058
N/A Amna Amjad Amna Amjad $0
N/A Christopher Gipson Christopher Gipson $0
35th HSBFFs HSBFFs $2,182
Members of HSBFFs
161st Rodney Long Rodney Long $1,422
824th B Chiprin B Chiprin $656
5797th Jason Adams Jason Adams $104
36th Team Caleb Team Caleb $2,167
Members of Team Caleb
145th Rick Friesen Rick Friesen $1,489
1640th Taylor Balady Taylor Balady $502
5186th Jeremy Foote Jeremy Foote $124
37th Team Bulldog Team Bulldog $2,139
Members of Team Bulldog
174th Sarah Keefe Sarah Keefe $1,379
775th daniel ainsworth daniel ainsworth $683
6951st denise ainsworth denise ainsworth $76
N/A Jessica Nemazee Jessica Nemazee $0
38th Texas Hail Texas Hail $2,108
Members of Texas Hail
73rd Michael Nelson Michael Nelson $1,948
4402nd Kathleen Robinson Kathleen Robinson $160
N/A Deborah Costa Deborah Costa Deborah Costa Deborah Costa $0
39th Hadley's Helpers Hadley's Helpers $2,096
Members of Hadley's Helpers
1180th Hadley Crain Hadley Crain $560
1796th Lyra Eaton Lyra Eaton $466
2567th Pam Crain Pam Crain $310
4122nd Katy Crain Katy Crain $179
4322nd Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $166
4402nd Kimberly Stewart Kimberly Stewart $160
5518th Siobhan Fitzgibbon Siobhan Fitzgibbon $116
11882nd Elizabeth Eaton Elizabeth Eaton $14
N/A Joshua Haggard Joshua Haggard $0
N/A Makena Crain Makena Crain $0
N/A Melissa Silvestri Melissa Silvestri $0
N/A Michael Gonzalez Michael Gonzalez $0
40th Savages Against Cancer Savages Against Cancer $2,024
Members of Savages Against Cancer
851st Mary Kate Hall Mary Kate Hall $649
1330th marcel Jackson marcel Jackson $535
1534th Jennifer Schoeneck Jennifer Schoeneck $510
6382nd Paul Wick Paul Wick $98
6873rd Deborah Temparali Deborah Temparali $77
7394th Donna Desnoyer Donna Desnoyer $71
12319th Shanna Zellman Shanna Zellman $10
41st Go Sarah Go! Go Sarah Go! $1,987
Members of Go Sarah Go!
329th Kris Losch Kris Losch $1,040
2374th Bryan Laidlaw Bryan Laidlaw $337
3159th Cory Montgomery Cory Montgomery $248
3859th Amy VanWesep Amy VanWesep $197
5806th Pete VanWesep Pete VanWesep $104
12196th AJ Laidlaw AJ Laidlaw $5
12196th Daniel Laidlaw Daniel Laidlaw $5
N/A Lilly Perry Lilly Perry $0
N/A Mike Redenbo Mike Redenbo $0
42nd Minnesota Mileage Mashers Minnesota Mileage Mashers $1,983
Members of Minnesota Mileage Mashers
162nd Chad Velta Chad Velta $1,418
1843rd Julie Dewitz Julie Dewitz $445
11509th Vikrant Sahoo Vikrant Sahoo $20
N/A Jeffrey Jamroz Jeffrey Jamroz $0
N/A Josh Hibbison Josh Hibbison $0
N/A Paul Laskey Paul Laskey $0
43rd Team #NSSO Team #NSSO $1,963
Members of Team #NSSO
279th Harry Marenstein Harry Marenstein $1,099
883rd Catherine Colquhoun Catherine Colquhoun $636
7997th Lauren Spitaliere Lauren Spitaliere $52
N/A Stephanie Rivero Stephanie Rivero $0
44th Michiana Crusaders Michiana Crusaders $1,954
Members of Michiana Crusaders
291st Bryan Buckley Bryan Buckley $1,077
468th Dominick Bilancio Dominick Bilancio $878
45th Healing Healing $1,946
Members of Healing
413th Maria Hall Maria Hall $950
1682nd Joseph Hall Joseph Hall $500
2579th Sarah Shull Goding Sarah Shull Goding $309
5547th Crystal Harmon Crystal Harmon $114
N/A Angelica Basilio Angelica Basilio $0
N/A Bill Gordon Bill Gordon $0
46th To the Right To the Right $1,920
Members of To the Right
76th Jessi Sagehorn Jessi Sagehorn $1,920
47th Team Golden Girls Team Golden Girls $1,863
Members of Team Golden Girls
534th Elaine Maheras Elaine Maheras $1,061
1454th Lisa Ponticelli Lisa Ponticelli $518
3575th Holly Fath Holly Fath $212
48th Row'd Rage Row'd Rage $1,832
Members of Row'd Rage
967th Christine Nuzzolo Christine Nuzzolo $608
2047th Terri Granger Terri Granger $395
2255th Wendy Burnham Wendy Burnham $357
2987th connie carpenter connie carpenter $264
5035th Marla Cavallaro Marla Cavallaro $130
10740th Kyle Skora-Thomas Kyle Skora-Thomas $26
N/A Elaine DeFrancesco Elaine DeFrancesco $0
N/A Virginia de Lima Virginia de Lima $0
49th Team Monkey Bars Team Monkey Bars $1,804
Members of Team Monkey Bars
848th Jeremy McJunkin Jeremy McJunkin $650
1894th Chad Gerken Chad Gerken $430
4140th Michael Burman Michael Burman $176
4315th Amanda Fredricksen Amanda Fredricksen $166
5616th Tabitha Ernst Tabitha Ernst $110
6076th Susan Slager Susan Slager $100
6573rd Tom Canan Tom Canan $88
8470th Gail O'Rourke Gail O'Rourke $50
9979th Marty Cormack Marty Cormack $35
N/A Andrew Becker Andrew Becker $0
N/A Carin Minelli Carin Minelli $0
N/A Dakota Abels Dakota Abels $0
N/A Isaac Ellis Isaac Ellis $0
N/A Isaac Ellis Isaac Ellis $0
N/A Jon Knutson Jon Knutson $0
N/A Ken Nelson Ken Nelson $0
N/A Mario Minelli Mario Minelli $0
N/A Mary O’Neil Mary O’Neil $0
N/A Sam Wiegand Sam Wiegand $0
N/A Scott O'Rourke Scott O'Rourke $0
N/A Seaton Drebitko Seaton Drebitko $0
N/A Shaun Bridges Shaun Bridges $0
N/A Sunil Kumar Sunil Kumar $0
N/A Therese Moore Therese Moore $0
N/A Tom Finck Tom Finck $0
N/A Tricia Fredricksen Knutson Tricia Fredricksen Knutson $0
N/A Tycho Andersen Tycho Andersen $0
50th Team Henry Team Henry $1,767
Members of Team Henry
1447th Elizabeth Antonio Elizabeth Antonio $519
1642nd Caron De la montanya Caron De la montanya $502
4105th Joe Antonio Joe Antonio $350
3647th Joe Hildebrand Joe Hildebrand $207
6020th Brooke Knoeppel Brooke Knoeppel $102
6977th Amy Hildebrand Amy Hildebrand $76
N/A Adam Findell Adam Findell $0
N/A Martin Stewart Martin Stewart $0
N/A Sharon Kroontje Sharon Kroontje $0