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Rank Name Raised
1st SOF Brothers SOF Brothers $1,175
Members of SOF Brothers
24th Jim White Jim White $1,071
253rd Christopher Hopkins Christopher Hopkins $104
N/A Charles Evans Charles Evans $0
N/A Greg Combs Greg Combs $0
N/A Tommy McGowen Tommy McGowen $0
2nd RainOrShine RainOrShine $1,000
Members of RainOrShine
28th Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom $1,000
N/A Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $0
N/A Dee Morand Dee Morand $0
3rd Riding is Bliss Riding is Bliss $745
Members of Riding is Bliss
92nd Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $465
183rd Palmer Bliss Palmer Bliss $176
4th Team Isabel Team Isabel $710
Members of Team Isabel
180th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons $710
5th Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $676
Members of Flat and Shady
51st Chris Springer Chris Springer $604
319th Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $72
6th Hope Brigade Hope Brigade $617
Members of Hope Brigade
81st Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $513
253rd Brandon David East Brandon David East $104
7th Blood and Sweat for more Years Blood and Sweat for more Years $582
Members of Blood and Sweat for more Years
142nd Rex Saffer Rex Saffer $259
162nd Micheal A. McIntyre Micheal A. McIntyre $214
247th Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $109
N/A Michael OBrien Michael OBrien $0
8th Cancer No More! Cancer No More! $551
Members of Cancer No More!
61st Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $551
9th Team Azaelea Team Azaelea $269
Members of Team Azaelea
142nd Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $259
10th Hope Riders Hope Riders $265
Members of Hope Riders
138th Anastasia Lott Anastasia Lott $265
N/A Gloria Agnes Gloria Agnes $0
11th Chance Egan Chance Egan $259
Members of Chance Egan
142nd Chance Egan Chance Egan $259
12th Team Road Rash Team Road Rash $246
Members of Team Road Rash
205th Rolando Ray Rolando Ray $142
253rd Hans Heilpern Hans Heilpern $104
13th Team MPPAC Team MPPAC $228
Members of Team MPPAC
156th David Jerome Blake David Jerome Blake $228
14th Fireman Dan and Friends Fireman Dan and Friends $166
Members of Fireman Dan and Friends
189th Danny Perez Danny Perez $166
15th Carci- No Más Carci- No Más $160
Members of Carci- No Más
190th Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $160
16th Riding In Reading Riding In Reading $140
Members of Riding In Reading
253rd Todd Migliaccio Todd Migliaccio $104
422nd Michele Ramsey Michele Ramsey $36
N/A Kathy Cavanaugh Kathy Cavanaugh $0
17th Sunflower Power Sunflower Power $140
Members of Sunflower Power
253rd Elizabeth Morris-Mowrey Elizabeth Morris-Mowrey $104
422nd Kat Betz Kat Betz $36
18th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $124
Members of Pedal to the Metal
355th Vicki Mandurano Vicki Mandurano $52
422nd Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $36
422nd Sherrilyn Swehla Sherrilyn Swehla $36
19th Shut up Legs Shut up Legs $120
Members of Shut up Legs
240th Greg Novak Greg Novak $120
20th East Vegas Friends East Vegas Friends $108
Members of East Vegas Friends
319th Tina Johnson Tina Johnson $72
422nd Angela Torrentera Angela Torrentera $36
21st CLP 2023 CLP 2023 $107
Members of CLP 2023
344th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett $71
22nd Team Jimmy My Team Jimmy My $104
Members of Team Jimmy My
253rd Sharisse Myren Sharisse Myren $104
23rd Parsippany Riders Parsippany Riders $98
Members of Parsippany Riders
291st Dharmaraj Nagarajan Dharmaraj Nagarajan $98
24th ShelDon ShelDon $88
Members of ShelDon
303rd Shelley Knee Shelley Knee $88
25th GCC Dayton GCC Dayton $83
Members of GCC Dayton
314th Verb Washington Verb Washington $83
26th Sandi’s Crew Sandi’s Crew $72
Members of Sandi’s Crew
N/A Jill Speckhals Jill Speckhals $0
N/A MaryBeth Brunk MaryBeth Brunk $0
N/A Steven Flanagan Steven Flanagan $0
N/A Tammy Martin Tammy Martin $0
27th The Townies The Townies $70
Members of The Townies
345th Eddie Curtis Eddie Curtis $70
28th Either way, I Win Either way, I Win $69
Members of Either way, I Win
346th Kenneth Harrell Kenneth Harrell $69
29th Wyoming Cancer Wranglers Wyoming Cancer Wranglers $52
Members of Wyoming Cancer Wranglers
355th Landon Brown Landon Brown $52
30th Because We Can Because We Can $36
Members of Because We Can
422nd Nick Miner Nick Miner $36
31st California Love California Love $36
Members of California Love
422nd James Chaves James Chaves $36
32nd Hosedraggers Hosedraggers $36
Members of Hosedraggers
422nd Matthew Lamont Matthew Lamont $36
33rd Hughes Hughes $36
Members of Hughes
422nd Christopher Hughes Christopher Hughes $36
34th Jenny Sue’s Crew Jenny Sue’s Crew $36
Members of Jenny Sue’s Crew
422nd Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller $36
35th Mark Gray Music for Kids Cancer Mark Gray Music for Kids Cancer $36
Members of Mark Gray Music for Kids Cancer
422nd Mark Gray Mark Gray $36
36th Ride To Fight Ride To Fight $36
Members of Ride To Fight
422nd Xavier Scianimanico Xavier Scianimanico $36
37th The Defenders The Defenders $36
Members of The Defenders
422nd Matthew McDermott Matthew McDermott $36
N/A Anthony Urso Anthony Urso $0
38th The Marvels The Marvels $36
Members of The Marvels
17th Arleny Alvarez-Pena Arleny Alvarez-Pena $36
39th timeforbetty timeforbetty $36
Members of timeforbetty
422nd Elizabeth McParland Elizabeth McParland $36
40th Tom's Taco Troupe Tom's Taco Troupe $36
Members of Tom's Taco Troupe
422nd Andrew Kucel Andrew Kucel $36
N/A Terry Williams Terry Williams $0
N/A Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy $0
41st C. C. RIDERS C. C. RIDERS $31
Members of C. C. RIDERS
592nd Aaron Cabazos Aaron Cabazos $31
42nd Eat Love Cycle Eat Love Cycle $31
Members of Eat Love Cycle
592nd james.wood1988@outlook.com Wood james.wood1988@outlook.com Wood $31
N/A Benny Harken Benny Harken $0
43rd Hipsters Hipsters $31
Members of Hipsters
592nd Laurie Gilk Laurie Gilk $31
44th Team Dolly Team Dolly $31
Members of Team Dolly
592nd Ellie Brenner Ellie Brenner $31
45th Where the Wild Wheels Are Where the Wild Wheels Are $31
Members of Where the Wild Wheels Are
592nd Becca Davis Becca Davis $31
46th Trail Blazers Trail Blazers $25
Members of Trail Blazers
632nd Tracy Horning Tracy Horning $25
N/A Kenneth Rodriguez Kenneth Rodriguez $0
N/A Tammy Kershner Tammy Kershner $0
47th DY666 DY666 $21
Members of DY666
637th Diana Yastrovskaya Diana Yastrovskaya $21
48th Guys on Bikes Guys on Bikes $21
Members of Guys on Bikes
637th Raymond Lampar Raymond Lampar $21
N/A Joseph Tetreault Joseph Tetreault $0
N/A Kathy Brower Kathy Brower $0
N/A a little bit different kind of cyclists a little bit different kind of cyclists $0
Members of a little bit different kind of cyclists
N/A Dan Howard Dan Howard $0
N/A Avengers Avengers $0
Members of Avengers
N/A William Lagacy William Lagacy $0