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Rank Name Raised
1st Cycling for a Cure. Cycling for a Cure. $4,590
Members of Cycling for a Cure.
23rd Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $1,149
49th Clifford Wilcox Clifford Wilcox $781
53rd Faith Wilcox Faith Wilcox $750
72nd Samantha Theriaque Samantha Theriaque $580
82nd Jamie Smith Jamie Smith $518
82nd Tracy Golochowicz Tracy Golochowicz $518
2nd Ana's Team Ana's Team $4,550
Members of Ana's Team
3rd Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias $4,550
N/A Jim Athey Jim Athey $0
3rd Team Isabel Team Isabel $2,671
Members of Team Isabel
18th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $1,395
36th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons $932
145th Mike Howerton Mike Howerton $295
4th M.V.P. M.V.P. $2,508
Members of M.V.P.
22nd MIchael Pagliarulo MIchael Pagliarulo $1,245
51st Victor Masciarelli Victor Masciarelli $766
99th Paul Cintolo Paul Cintolo $497
5th Hope Brigade Hope Brigade $2,491
Members of Hope Brigade
21st Keith Young Keith Young $1,256
58th Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $707
79th Viki Nulph Viki Nulph $528
6th Team Jenn Team Jenn $2,275
Members of Team Jenn
33rd Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $989
44th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $815
233rd James J Plummer jr James J Plummer jr $155
306th Ed Davis Ed Davis $105
478th Matt Von Asten Matt Von Asten $36
569th Gary Pfeiffer Gary Pfeiffer $20
N/A Beverly Bourassa Beverly Bourassa $0
N/A Bill Wilkerson Bill Wilkerson $0
N/A Bob Willets Bob Willets $0
N/A Gary Morgan Gary Morgan $0
N/A Jacob Will Jacob Will $0
N/A Jennifer Benns Jennifer Benns $0
N/A Jessica Lehrner Jessica Lehrner $0
N/A Jim Catteau Jim Catteau $0
N/A Joshua Winer Joshua Winer $0
N/A Kenneth Taylor Kenneth Taylor $0
N/A Linda Lang Linda Lang $0
N/A Melanie Markunes Melanie Markunes $0
N/A Pamela Toland Pamela Toland $0
N/A Todd Fortune Todd Fortune $0
7th SOF Brothers SOF Brothers $1,418
Members of SOF Brothers
17th Jim White Jim White $1,418
N/A Tommy McGowen Tommy McGowen $0
8th CCC CCC $1,140
Members of CCC
35th Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $950
205th Rob Luis Rob Luis $190
N/A Bob Potter Bob Potter $0
N/A David Carr David Carr $0
N/A Pamela Schwarz Pamela Schwarz $0
9th Ben’s Bikers Ben’s Bikers $1,112
Members of Ben’s Bikers
25th Chad Velta Chad Velta $1,112
10th Cancer No More Cancer No More $1,007
Members of Cancer No More
62nd Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $665
140th William Fehrenbach William Fehrenbach $305
478th Zachariah Dodge Zachariah Dodge $36
11th That's How We Roll That's How We Roll $878
Members of That's How We Roll
41st Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson $878
12th Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $816
Members of Flat and Shady
65th Chris Springer Chris Springer $640
311th Amy Springer Amy Springer $104
371st Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $72
13th GCC Dayton GCC Dayton $724
Members of GCC Dayton
55th Verb Washington Verb Washington $724
14th Riding is Bliss Riding is Bliss $518
Members of Riding is Bliss
81st Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $518
15th Team LP Team LP $500
Members of Team LP
98th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett $500
16th RainOrShine RainOrShine $452
Members of RainOrShine
107th Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom $427
554th Mary Ann Bryant Mary Ann Bryant $25
17th Team Yoshi Team Yoshi $404
Members of Team Yoshi
115th Ben Miller Ben Miller $404
18th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $380
Members of Pedal to the Metal
136th Sherry Swehla Sherry Swehla $318
403rd Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $62
19th The Slow Uphillers The Slow Uphillers $362
Members of The Slow Uphillers
124th Ralph Alcala Ralph Alcala $362
N/A Nicole Gonzalez Nicole Gonzalez $0
20th Kathy’s Cancer Crushers Kathy’s Cancer Crushers $345
Members of Kathy’s Cancer Crushers
132nd Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn $345
N/A Thresa Giles Thresa Giles $0
21st California Love California Love $340
Members of California Love
133rd James Chaves James Chaves $340
22nd Hopeful Heroes (Ps. 139) Hopeful Heroes (Ps. 139) $321
Members of Hopeful Heroes (Ps. 139)
135th Rachel Stough Kuligin Rachel Stough Kuligin $321
23rd Ride with Pam Ride with Pam $307
Members of Ride with Pam
139th Pamela Ianni Pamela Ianni $307
24th NorCalRockets 🚀 NorCalRockets 🚀 $279
Members of NorCalRockets 🚀
153rd christine Felkel christine Felkel $279
N/A Alison Carley Alison Carley $0
25th Depends on Wheels Depends on Wheels $264
Members of Depends on Wheels
158th Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann $264
26th Team Road Rash Team Road Rash $225
Members of Team Road Rash
183rd Rolando Ray Rolando Ray $225
N/A Hans Heilpern Hans Heilpern $0
N/A Mike Alves Mike Alves $0
27th Cycling4Kids Cycling4Kids $188
Members of Cycling4Kids
206th John Alan Lovra John Alan Lovra $188
N/A John Martin John Martin $0
28th Trail Blazers Trail Blazers $163
Members of Trail Blazers
223rd Tracy Horning Tracy Horning $163
N/A Kenneth Rodriguez Kenneth Rodriguez $0
N/A Tammy Kershner Tammy Kershner $0
29th Besos4Sebas Besos4Sebas $124
Members of Besos4Sebas
261st Dalit Gross Dalit Gross $124
30th Cowbelles Cowbelles $124
Members of Cowbelles
261st Beth Moses Beth Moses $124
31st Lillian, Warrior Princess Lillian, Warrior Princess $104
Members of Lillian, Warrior Princess
312th Bruce Stemme Bruce Stemme $104
32nd OldAndYoungCancerKickers OldAndYoungCancerKickers $104
Members of OldAndYoungCancerKickers
33rd Riding for Alan Riding for Alan $104
Members of Riding for Alan
312th Midy Reyes Midy Reyes $104
34th Smithfield Pedal for Kids Smithfield Pedal for Kids $104
Members of Smithfield Pedal for Kids
312th Jackie Stoner Jackie Stoner $104
35th Tom's Taco Troupe Tom's Taco Troupe $102
Members of Tom's Taco Troupe
340th Thomas McNealy Thomas McNealy $102
N/A Denali Lord Denali Lord $0
36th Cycling Against Cancer Cycling Against Cancer $100
Members of Cycling Against Cancer
342nd Casey Lilac Casey Lilac $100
N/A Joel Biller Joel Biller $0
37th Team Maribel Team Maribel $98
Members of Team Maribel
353rd R M R M $98
38th Rico’s Riders Rico’s Riders $91
Members of Rico’s Riders
356th Ovadyah Freedberg Ovadyah Freedberg $91
39th JennySue’s Crew JennySue’s Crew $80
Members of JennySue’s Crew
365th Debra Trader Debra Trader $80
N/A Eric Calderwood Eric Calderwood $0
N/A Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller $0
40th TeamMiya TeamMiya $62
Members of TeamMiya
406th Jenielle Painter Jenielle Painter $62
41st ENYers ENYers $52
Members of ENYers
426th Kildare Charles Kildare Charles $52
N/A Arnaldo Arzu Arnaldo Arzu $0
N/A Lucitanie Gibbons Lucitanie Gibbons $0
N/A Malcolm Carter Malcolm Carter $0
N/A Wayne Munro Wayne Munro $0
42nd Kicking Kids' Cancer Kicking Kids' Cancer $52
Members of Kicking Kids' Cancer
426th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $52
43rd The 212 Ranch gang The 212 Ranch gang $52
Members of The 212 Ranch gang
N/A Terry Grafton Terry Grafton $0
44th TEAMB78 TEAMB78 $51
Members of TEAMB78
453rd C. Bradford Banks C. Bradford Banks $51
45th The NWO The NWO $50
Members of The NWO
454th Chris Haave Chris Haave $50
N/A Joe Svasek Joe Svasek $0
N/A Jolene Haave Jolene Haave $0
N/A Matt Haave Matt Haave $0
46th Team815 Team815 $40
Members of Team815
474th Robert Johnson Robert Johnson $40
47th A-Team A-Team $36
Members of A-Team
478th Angela Marie Allen Angela Marie Allen $36
48th I Wheelie Like My Bike I Wheelie Like My Bike $36
Members of I Wheelie Like My Bike
478th Grace Redeker Grace Redeker $36
49th Kristi's Krusaders Kristi's Krusaders $36
Members of Kristi's Krusaders
478th Kaitlyn Batz Kaitlyn Batz $36
50th Plunkett or Flunk It Plunkett or Flunk It $36
Members of Plunkett or Flunk It
478th Bianca Plunkett Bianca Plunkett $36