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Rank Name Raised
1st Cycling Crusaders Cycling Crusaders $1,945
Members of Cycling Crusaders
14th alex Lorei alex Lorei $1,924
N/A Cody Livingston Cody Livingston $0
2nd That's How We Roll That's How We Roll $1,318
Members of That's How We Roll
20th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson $1,318
3rd SOF Brothers & Sisters SOF Brothers & Sisters $774
Members of SOF Brothers & Sisters
32nd Jim White Jim White $774
N/A Lisa Bowman Lisa Bowman $0
4th Team 47 Team 47 $588
Members of Team 47
42nd Jim Brown Jim Brown $588
5th OakleyStrong OakleyStrong $500
Members of OakleyStrong
6th 901 Wheel Warriors 901 Wheel Warriors $485
Members of 901 Wheel Warriors
78th Jason Horn Jason Horn $404
229th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman $81
7th GCC Dayton GCC Dayton $455
Members of GCC Dayton
84th Verb Washington Verb Washington $351
190th Kathleen Washington Kathleen Washington $104
8th Cancer No More! Cancer No More! $394
Members of Cancer No More!
79th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $394
N/A Rob Orlowski Rob Orlowski $0
9th TeamCCC TeamCCC $254
Members of TeamCCC
106th Rob Luis Rob Luis $254
10th GymNutz GymNutz $252
Members of GymNutz
107th Fabricio Breeze Olsson Fabricio Breeze Olsson $252
11th Team Slow Spokes Team Slow Spokes $222
Members of Team Slow Spokes
164th Timothy Thompson Timothy Thompson $129
281st carlos carrillo carlos carrillo $57
337th Donna Freeman Donna Freeman $36
N/A Alex Ramospina Alex Ramospina $0
N/A Fernando Coriche Fernando Coriche $0
12th Road Riders For Kids Cancer Road Riders For Kids Cancer $182
Members of Road Riders For Kids Cancer
135th John Strassenreiter John Strassenreiter $182
13th Carci No-Más Carci No-Más $140
Members of Carci No-Más
190th Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $104
337th Janet Yaker Murray Janet Yaker Murray $36
N/A Juanita Padilla Juanita Padilla $0
N/A Ram Dyer Ram Dyer $0
N/A Victor Chavero Victor Chavero $0
14th Pedaling for a Cure Pedaling for a Cure $132
Members of Pedaling for a Cure
279th Lori Tokley Lori Tokley $60
337th Karen Carlson Karen Carlson $36
337th Lisa Nelson Lisa Nelson $36
15th CLP2024 CLP2024 $124
Members of CLP2024
N/A Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett $0
16th Beau's Buddies Beau's Buddies $124
Members of Beau's Buddies
168th A.L. "Buddy" Collins A.L. "Buddy" Collins $124
N/A Rene Collins Rene Collins $0
17th CalliesCrew CalliesCrew $124
Members of CalliesCrew
168th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $124
18th Chance Egan Chance Egan $124
Members of Chance Egan
168th Chance Egan Chance Egan $124
19th Team 213 Team 213 $104
Members of Team 213
190th Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $104
20th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $100
Members of Pedal to the Metal
211th Sherrilyn Swehla Sherrilyn Swehla $100
N/A Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $0
N/A Michael Heaven Michael Heaven $0
21st Team MPPAC Team MPPAC $100
Members of Team MPPAC
211th David Jerome Blake David Jerome Blake $100
22nd Justice For Jose Justice For Jose $72
Members of Justice For Jose
236th Chris Martin Chris Martin $72
23rd No Drama Llamas No Drama Llamas $72
Members of No Drama Llamas
236th Charles Sekafetz Charles Sekafetz $72
24th PIPER PIPER $62
Members of PIPER
276th Brianna Caissie Brianna Caissie $62
25th Capital Region Riders Capital Region Riders $52
Members of Capital Region Riders
284th John Gillivan John Gillivan $52
26th GCC Road Warriors GCC Road Warriors $52
Members of GCC Road Warriors
284th Courtney Close Courtney Close $52
N/A Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey $0
27th Shut Up Legs Shut Up Legs $52
Members of Shut Up Legs
284th Greg Novak Greg Novak $52
28th Team Jack Team Jack $52
Members of Team Jack
284th John Soyster John Soyster $52
29th Blissful Riding Blissful Riding $36
Members of Blissful Riding
337th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $36
30th Cross Life Cross Life $36
Members of Cross Life
337th Melissa Landers Melissa Landers $36
31st Oak Cliff Riders Oak Cliff Riders $36
Members of Oak Cliff Riders
337th Kim Toynes Kim Toynes $36
32nd STL BattleHawks STL BattleHawks $36
Members of STL BattleHawks
337th David Freemyer David Freemyer $36
33rd Team Dolly Team Dolly $36
Members of Team Dolly
337th Elizabeth Brenner Elizabeth Brenner $36
34th W. Ky. Peddlers W. Ky. Peddlers $36
Members of W. Ky. Peddlers
337th Paul Duncan Paul Duncan $36
35th Team Finley Team Finley $31
Members of Team Finley
471st Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $31
36th WILLjack Power WILLjack Power $26
Members of WILLjack Power
491st Vicki Johnson-Cain Vicki Johnson-Cain $26
N/A Alicia Windstein Alicia Windstein $0
37th Pedaling Down the Street in my 6-4 Pedaling Down the Street in my 6-4 $20
Members of Pedaling Down the Street in my 6-4
503rd Devon Bennett Devon Bennett $20
N/A Bike around and find out Bike around and find out $0
Members of Bike around and find out
N/A Tyler Ponce Tyler Ponce $0
N/A Cool Name Pending Cool Name Pending $0
Members of Cool Name Pending
N/A Chris Pfautz Chris Pfautz $0
N/A David's Warriors David's Warriors $0
Members of David's Warriors
N/A Susan Nelson Susan Nelson $0
N/A Dream Team Dream Team $0
Members of Dream Team
N/A Ulrich Giske Ulrich Giske $0
N/A Eating Flies Eating Flies $0
Members of Eating Flies
N/A Evah Hershberger Evah Hershberger $0
N/A Olivia Black Olivia Black $0
N/A Zachery Black Zachery Black $0
N/A Edge of the Earth Edge of the Earth $0
Members of Edge of the Earth
N/A Lester Ryan De Guzman Lester Ryan De Guzman $0
N/A Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $0
Members of Flat and Shady
N/A Chris Springer Chris Springer $0
N/A Christine O’Connell Christine O’Connell $0
N/A Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $0
N/A For Love of Life! For Love of Life! $0
Members of For Love of Life!
N/A Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles $0
N/A Geared Gamers Geared Gamers $0
Members of Geared Gamers
N/A Stephen Holloway Stephen Holloway $0
N/A Gulf coast fight for cancer Gulf coast fight for cancer $0
Members of Gulf coast fight for cancer
N/A Quentin Ward Quentin Ward $0
N/A La Jodedera Team La Jodedera Team $0
Members of La Jodedera Team
N/A Randy Martinez Randy Martinez $0
N/A Mango Lounge Mango Lounge $0
Members of Mango Lounge
N/A Jesse Algarin Jesse Algarin $0
N/A MR.LJ's MR.LJ's $0
Members of MR.LJ's
N/A Jason Macek Jason Macek $0