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Rank Name Raised
28th David Spitulnik David Spitulnik $10,347
57th Kim Girkins Kim Girkins $8,218
116th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday $6,251
270th Paul Horner Paul Horner $4,033
446th Dan Henderson Dan Henderson $3,121
823rd Greg Soderberg Greg Soderberg $2,221
2216th Paul Maly Paul Maly $1,052
2267th Marty Szostak Marty Szostak $1,038
5102nd Mike Wagner Mike Wagner $518
7249th Patrick McNamara Patrick McNamara $248
2nd Team Greater Good Team Greater Good $37,872
Members of Team Greater Good
17th Rick Moore Rick Moore $13,252
40th Dave Harris Dave Harris $9,657
138th Jordan E Stuhlmueller Jordan E Stuhlmueller $5,773
323rd Tracy Harris Tracy Harris $3,585
2751st John Miller John Miller $884
3089th Stacey Riederer Stacey Riederer $791
3135th Allen Borton Allen Borton $782
3323rd Suzie Rose Suzie Rose $743
3485th Bethany Hair Bethany Hair $713
5426th Vickie Gibbs Vickie Gibbs $504
6855th Bryan Johnson Bryan Johnson $294
6914th Chrissy Howard Chrissy Howard $286
7400th Patricia Theriault Patricia Theriault $231
8553rd Noah Anastassatsos Noah Anastassatsos $124
10601st Eric Johnson Eric Johnson $36
10601st Jaclyn Del Vescovo Jaclyn Del Vescovo $36
3rd Blood and Sweat for no more Tears Blood and Sweat for no more Tears $36,132
Members of Blood and Sweat for no more Tears
9th Micheal A. McIntyre Micheal A. McIntyre $21,834
85th Rex Saffer Rex Saffer $6,869
645th Ric Snead Ric Snead $2,607
721st Steven Bradley Steven Bradley $2,510
1366th Michael OBrien Michael OBrien $1,504
3541st Jenni Carey Baer Jenni Carey Baer $702
4th Hope Brigade Hope Brigade $25,080
Members of Hope Brigade
100th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $6,558
251st Brandon David East Brandon David East $4,194
445th Daniel Parmelee Daniel Parmelee $3,122
586th Kandace Schock Kandace Schock $2,736
903rd Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $2,059
1847th Danny Stout Danny Stout $1,193
1928th Jennifer Copeland Jennifer Copeland $1,148
1956th Mark Zautner Mark Zautner $1,138
2434th Allen Kent Allen Kent $1,002
4129th David Vaught David Vaught $614
4545th Jeffrey Daniel Jeffrey Daniel $566
5292nd Gary Rickett Gary Rickett $508
10601st Ron Gross Ron Gross $36
5th Bikes and Beers Nation Bikes and Beers Nation $17,321
Members of Bikes and Beers Nation
80th Bill Berned Bill Berned $7,041
596th Tracey Armstrong Draper Tracey Armstrong Draper $2,712
730th Scott Farrisee Scott Farrisee $2,505
988th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk $1,919
2764th Lynne Lombard Lynne Lombard $880
3600th Richard Magda Richard Magda $692
3697th Sheena Hunter Sheena Hunter $674
5549th William Scott Tinsley William Scott Tinsley $502
6183rd Tom Murphy Tom Murphy $396
N/A Éric Sou Éric Sou $0
N/A Johl Light Johl Light $0
6th Team Osteo Team Osteo $16,834
Members of Team Osteo
89th Kelly Nichols Kelly Nichols $6,772
418th Joshua Manchester Joshua Manchester $3,178
967th Nikki Powell Nikki Powell $1,958
2044th Michael Nichols Michael Nichols $1,105
5059th Lori Plawski Lori Plawski $521
7761st Kate Chastain Kate Chastain $200
8553rd Dana Maxwell Dana Maxwell $124
9887th Cara Braune Cara Braune $67
10601st Brandon Unruh Brandon Unruh $36
N/A Richard Kelly Richard Kelly Richard Kelly Richard Kelly $0
7th Team CCC Team CCC $15,834
Members of Team CCC
39th Rob Luis Rob Luis $9,812
1008th Duane Schaefer Duane Schaefer $1,878
1590th Donald Winter Donald Winter $1,328
1933rd Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $1,146
1948th Jeff White Jeff White $1,142
6782nd David Carr David Carr $303
9867th Pamela Schwarz Pamela Schwarz $70
8th Beau's Buddies Beau's Buddies $15,579
Members of Beau's Buddies
45th Buddy Collins Buddy Collins $9,109
1190th Rene Collins Rene Collins $1,658
1627th April Manuel April Manuel $1,308
3269th Les Crews Les Crews $754
3371st Whitney Hunter Whitney Hunter $735
6943rd Ricky Peery Ricky Peery $282
7444th David Collins David Collins $227
7521st salem hunter salem hunter $217
7521st William Hunter William Hunter $217
7761st David Peery David Peery $200
8750th Evan Kochanski Evan Kochanski $116
9117th Gray Hunter Gray Hunter $103
N/A Ken Dalley Ken Dalley $0
N/A LynnBarry Callahan LynnBarry Callahan $0
N/A Michael Jacobs III Michael Jacobs III $0
9th Created to Conquer Created to Conquer $15,242
Members of Created to Conquer
540th Amanda Sullivan Amanda Sullivan $2,852
543rd Chad Velta Chad Velta $2,848
1296th Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Ryan $1,563
1418th Abbie Miller Abbie Miller $1,454
2267th Miranda Hicks Miranda Hicks $1,038
2310th Stephanie Kilgour Stephanie Kilgour $1,029
2425th Jennie Kenney Jennie Kenney $1,003
2451st Brandi DeVries Brandi DeVries $1,001
3630th Sara Kovacs Sara Kovacs $687
6161st Marika Taylor Marika Taylor $677
5865th Jill Martinez Jill Martinez $476
7521st Jillian Kruger Jillian Kruger $217
8082nd Lauren Brink Lauren Brink $164
8422nd Jaime Engebretson Jaime Engebretson $135
10601st Stephanie Weiland Stephanie Weiland $36
10601st Tamika Jefferson Tamika Jefferson $36
12235th Robert DeLeon Robert DeLeon $26
10th CCHS Class of 73 Plus Family & Friends CCHS Class of 73 Plus Family & Friends $14,939
Members of CCHS Class of 73 Plus Family & Friends
23rd Beth Blackman Beth Blackman $11,827
2191st Patty Winck Patty Winck $1,061
3121st Barbara Walker Barbara Walker $785
3663rd Beverly Williams Beverly Williams $679
5174th Stephen Turkovich Stephen Turkovich $515
9570th Ann Buettnerglass Ann Buettnerglass $72
N/A Lakara Hunter Lakara Hunter $0
11th Wyoming Cancer Wranglers Wyoming Cancer Wranglers $13,692
Members of Wyoming Cancer Wranglers
25th Landon Brown Landon Brown $11,347
782nd Cyral Callender Cyral Callender $2,345
12th RainOrShine RainOrShine $13,415
Members of RainOrShine
263rd Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom $4,104
643rd Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $2,609
1306th Deirdre Brekke Deirdre Brekke $1,556
2751st Isabel Porto Isabel Porto $884
3955th John F John F $637
5008th Barbara Anderson Barbara Anderson $525
5549th Rhonda Davis Rhonda Davis $502
5611th Chris Schnyder Chris Schnyder $501
5611th Mary Ann Bryant Mary Ann Bryant $501
6070th Bill Pfister Bill Pfister $420
6097th robert kenneley robert kenneley $414
6160th Eva Balawander Eva Balawander $401
7201st Kim Fricke Kim Fricke $253
9370th Dee Morand Dee Morand $88
12546th Emilee Casias Emilee Casias $10
12546th Jeremy Pople Jeremy Pople $10
13th Team Monkey Bars Team Monkey Bars $10,999
Members of Team Monkey Bars
733rd John Norman John Norman $2,504
1168th Darin Napton Darin Napton $1,683
1358th Jeremy McJunkin Jeremy McJunkin $1,508
2645th Carin Minelli Carin Minelli $914
2944th Tobias Peikert Tobias Peikert $831
3094th Amanda Acklin Amanda Acklin $790
3856th Mario Minelli Mario Minelli $650
3883rd Ken Nelson Ken Nelson $646
6358th Thomas Bridges Thomas Bridges $365
7230th Jon Knutson Jon Knutson $250
7244th Bradley Bridges Bradley Bridges $249
7644th Andrew Shulha Andrew Shulha $207
9558th Glenn Nelson Glenn Nelson $73
11824th Carolyn Franzone Carolyn Franzone $35
12336th Tabitha Ernst Tabitha Ernst $25
12546th Sam Wiegand Sam Wiegand $10
N/A Carolyn Franzone Carolyn Franzone $0
N/A Matthieu Lynch Matthieu Lynch $0
N/A Timm Jacobson Timm Jacobson $0
N/A Tom Dole Tom Dole $0
N/A Tycho Andersen Tycho Andersen $0
14th Flat and Shady Flat and Shady $10,598
Members of Flat and Shady
99th Karen Votta Karen Votta $6,561
695th Chris Springer Chris Springer $2,542
3007th Connie Gallagher Connie Gallagher $813
6076th Amy Springer Amy Springer $419
7907th George Crosson George Crosson $185
N/A Christine O’Connell Christine O’Connell $0
15th Team Azaelea Team Azaelea $10,446
Members of Team Azaelea
932nd Shelly Bolt Shelly Bolt $2,012
1065th Jessica Bleichner Jessica Bleichner $1,797
1181st Laurie Pierner Laurie Pierner $1,668
1183rd Jeff Berndt Jeff Berndt $1,664
1499th Nancy Waller Nancy Waller $1,393
2316th Jo Donovan Jo Donovan $1,026
4093rd Michael Crow Michael Crow $619
7174th Steven Waller Steven Waller $257
N/A Steven Waller Steven Waller $0
16th Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pharmacy Team Carter Martin Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pharmacy Team Carter Martin $9,947
Members of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pharmacy Team Carter Martin
199th Kristi Fuqua Kristi Fuqua $4,785
2992nd Jennifer Sterner-Allison Jennifer Sterner-Allison $816
3114th Alicia Willett Alicia Willett $786
3114th Irene Cho Irene Cho $786
4641st jazmine shah jazmine shah $555
6367th Haley Cowan Haley Cowan $363
6574th Thao Nguyen Thao Nguyen $331
7000th Brian McNeill Brian McNeill $274
7071st Jessica Sheehan Jessica Sheehan $267
7142nd Denice McNeill Denice McNeill $259
7761st Hagar Wilkinson Hagar Wilkinson $200
8821st Rafaela Todd Rafaela Todd $109
9164th Ji Young Kim Ji Young Kim $100
9315th Logan Pickett Logan Pickett $91
10079th MinhChau Pham MinhChau Pham $56
12336th Sam Van Horn Sam Van Horn $25
12546th Jeremy Obordo Jeremy Obordo $10
12546th Luis Zayas Luis Zayas $10
N/A Ashley Hickey Ashley Hickey $0
N/A Bing Low Bing Low $0
N/A Charnae Walker Charnae Walker $0
N/A Evan Luster Evan Luster $0
N/A Faith Chang Faith Chang $0
N/A Madison Walters Madison Walters $0
N/A Mikayla Bivins Mikayla Bivins $0
N/A Monica Suhendra Monica Suhendra $0
N/A Sarah Buckalew Sarah Buckalew $0
17th Pedal to the Metal Pedal to the Metal $9,707
Members of Pedal to the Metal
357th Sherrilyn Swehla Sherrilyn Swehla $3,438
944th Vicki Mandurano Vicki Mandurano $2,006
1259th Laura Heaven-Ewell Laura Heaven-Ewell $1,588
2530th Michael Heaven Michael Heaven $965
3448th Diane Luosa Diane Luosa $721
18th Team Road Rash Team Road Rash $9,187
Members of Team Road Rash
122nd Rolando Ray Rolando Ray $6,146
480th Hans Heilpern Hans Heilpern $3,041
19th Riding is Bliss Riding is Bliss $9,090
Members of Riding is Bliss
856th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss $2,140
929th Tom Tarvin Tom Tarvin $2,013
1002nd Patty Whitehouse Patty Whitehouse $1,886
2652nd Palmer Bliss Palmer Bliss $912
2728th Tim Stippler Tim Stippler $891
4143rd Cheryl Stippler Cheryl Stippler $612
8723rd Jeremy O'Connor Jeremy O'Connor $119
10601st Jeremy Oconnor Jeremy Oconnor $36
20th AZAuggie2022 AZAuggie2022 $8,870
Members of AZAuggie2022
300th Kelly Esteban Kelly Esteban $3,759
851st Bill Hoddy Bill Hoddy $2,154
1327th Jeff Esteban Jeff Esteban $1,538
1652nd Chris Dixon Chris Dixon $1,295
10601st Jonathan Kaus Jonathan Kaus $36
21st Spinning Spokes Spinning Spokes $8,432
Members of Spinning Spokes
62nd Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich $7,654
5426th Patrick Moore Patrick Moore $504
22nd Savages Against Cancer Savages Against Cancer $8,352
Members of Savages Against Cancer
572nd George Hoffman George Hoffman $2,768
1068th Marcel Jackson Marcel Jackson $1,795
2491st Duwaine Jenkins Duwaine Jenkins $993
2925th Jennifer Schoeneck Jennifer Schoeneck $836
3541st Alan J Joynes Alan J Joynes $702
4075th Deborah Temparali Deborah Temparali $622
4155th Sam Vetri Sam Vetri $610
23rd Spinning the Wheels Spinning the Wheels $8,220
Members of Spinning the Wheels
314th Matthew Wilson Matthew Wilson $3,637
379th Otto Enax Otto Enax $3,350
2822nd Brandon Brimberry Brandon Brimberry $865
6503rd Rachael Dickerson Rachael Dickerson $342
24th SOF Brothers SOF Brothers $8,193
Members of SOF Brothers
254th Jim White Jim White $4,164
2771st Lisa Bowman Lisa Bowman $879
4122nd Daniel Bowman Daniel Bowman $615
4602nd Charles Evans Charles Evans $560
4855th Christopher Hopkins Christopher Hopkins $537
4855th Diane Hamilton Diane Hamilton $537
5484th Jamie Hamilton Jamie Hamilton $503
7482nd LeRoy Hunter LeRoy Hunter $222
N/A Greg Combs Greg Combs $0
25th Handlebars For Hope Handlebars For Hope $8,102
Members of Handlebars For Hope
296th Mark Plansinis Mark Plansinis $3,780
1980th Dave Good Dave Good $1,128
2108th Jason Bean Jason Bean $1,083
3317th Angela Kanczuga Angela Kanczuga $744
6351st Bryon E Cook Bryon E Cook $366
6376th David McGrath David McGrath $361
7679th April Pleska April Pleska $206
8106th Austin Hall Austin Hall $161
26th Penguin Wobble Penguin Wobble $7,682
Members of Penguin Wobble
143rd Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence $6,740
6596th Elizabeth Jamaca Elizabeth Jamaca $329
6614th Karen Lawrence Karen Lawrence $326
6909th Ariel Lawrence Ariel Lawrence $287
N/A Morgan Jamaca Morgan Jamaca $0
27th Carci- No Más Carci- No Más $7,567
Members of Carci- No Más
458th Gloria Statom Gloria Statom $3,100
1839th Victor Chavero Victor Chavero $1,197
2102nd Janet Yaker Murray Janet Yaker Murray $1,085
2405th Chrys McMillin Chrys McMillin $1,005
2741st Ram Dyer Ram Dyer $887
8553rd Juanita Padilla Juanita Padilla $124
9570th Christina Tedeschi Christina Tedeschi $72
9570th William Murray William Murray $72
N/A Gabrielle Rabb Gabrielle Rabb $0
N/A Michael Rabb Michael Rabb $0
28th Get'em Done Get'em Done $7,403
Members of Get'em Done
154th Joshua Cross Joshua Cross $5,342
2749th Wyatt Pruitt Wyatt Pruitt $885
3812th Henry Pruitt Henry Pruitt $657
7511th Brian Coffelt Brian Coffelt $218
9558th Angela Coffelt Angela Coffelt $73
9558th Jay Gomez Jay Gomez $73
10601st Darren Villano Darren Villano $36
N/A Terence Scott Terence Scott $0
29th Team Honeylamb Team Honeylamb $7,056
Members of Team Honeylamb
365th Bill Swearingen Bill Swearingen $3,402
829th Jeff Ferris Jeff Ferris $2,201
2227th Gary Zellweger Gary Zellweger $1,049
12371st Taylor Daum Taylor Daum $21
30th WC4 WC4 $7,049
Members of WC4
336th Bill Hite, Jr. Bill Hite, Jr. $3,543
815th Eric Walcher Eric Walcher $2,231
1689th John Woodburn John Woodburn $1,275
31st Cancer No More! Cancer No More! $6,951
Members of Cancer No More!
132nd Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge $5,985
4903rd Zachariah Dodge Zachariah Dodge $534
6976th Bill Sylvia Bill Sylvia $278
12171st Hannah Jang Hannah Jang $30
N/A Angela Locke Angela Locke $0
32nd Team Moore Team Moore $6,888
Members of Team Moore
280th Derek Moore Derek Moore $4,001
1175th Chris Moon Chris Moon $1,678
33rd PennStateBerksRidesForTheKids PennStateBerksRidesForTheKids $6,885
Members of PennStateBerksRidesForTheKids
378th Michele Ramsey Michele Ramsey $3,356
3931st Kathy Cavanaugh Kathy Cavanaugh $641
4545th Jennifer Murphy Jennifer Murphy $566
5251st Dale Osenbach Dale Osenbach $510
5484th Todd Migliaccio Todd Migliaccio $503
6002nd Heather Wise Heather Wise $443
7400th Jack Ramsey Jack Ramsey $231
7511th Nathan Greenauer Nathan Greenauer $218
8269th Diane Sanders Diane Sanders $145
34th Pedaling Pastures Pedaling Pastures $6,817
Members of Pedaling Pastures
2833rd Mike Loomis Mike Loomis $863
4064th Craig Broek Craig Broek $624
35th Men's group Men's group $6,809
Members of Men's group
106th Gary Watson Gary Watson $6,469
6513th John Lawrence John Lawrence $340
36th Avengers Avengers $6,751
Members of Avengers
184th John L Aschenbach John L Aschenbach $5,023
2070th Andy Pedersen Andy Pedersen $1,097
4005th William Lagacy William Lagacy $631
37th Cycle 4 A Cure Cycle 4 A Cure $6,734
Members of Cycle 4 A Cure
1321st Marlon Cartin Marlon Cartin $1,544
2400th Jennifer Duncan Jennifer Duncan $1,006
3076th Britney Willis Britney Willis $797
3748th derek duncan derek duncan $667
4502nd Jamie Castle Jamie Castle $571
4873rd Cheri Collins Cheri Collins $536
5047th Anna Oliver Anna Oliver $522
5315th Robert Donley Robert Donley $507
7521st Monalisa Donley Monalisa Donley $217
1249th Amanda Isele Amanda Isele $155
9843rd David Hellwig David Hellwig $71
10483rd Steve Ashmore Steve Ashmore $46
11824th Karthik Vidyaranya Karthik Vidyaranya $35
12171st Francis Megaro Francis Megaro $30
12487th Alicia Jumonville Alicia Jumonville $20
12546th Kimberly Hays Kimberly Hays $10
N/A Carlos Betances Carlos Betances $0
N/A Derrick Jordan Derrick Jordan $0
N/A Gabriel Gonzalez Gabriel Gonzalez $0
N/A Merve Basar Merve Basar $0
N/A Michael Versluys Michael Versluys $0
N/A Rafael Cardenas Rafael Cardenas $0
N/A Samantha Walchli Samantha Walchli $0
N/A Satwik Jain Satwik Jain $0
N/A Shelley Nusbaum Shelley Nusbaum $0
N/A Yamuna Narayan Nambiar Yamuna Narayan Nambiar $0
38th Kicking Kids Cancer Kicking Kids Cancer $6,279
Members of Kicking Kids Cancer
133rd Michele Egan Michele Egan $5,948
39th Rachel’s Roadies Rachel’s Roadies $6,046
Members of Rachel’s Roadies
1088th Christie Witt Christie Witt $1,778
1991st Jeanne Grant Jeanne Grant $1,124
2114th Steve Grant Steve Grant $1,081
5315th Christine Sullivan Christine Sullivan $507
5688th Mystique Macomber Mystique Macomber $500
6574th Brenda Lyons Brenda Lyons $331
11824th Sara Eliasen Sara Eliasen $35
11824th Tara-Gray Seymour Tara-Gray Seymour $35
40th Boise Bikers Boise Bikers $5,968
Members of Boise Bikers
576th Garth Blazzard Garth Blazzard $2,758
1363rd Steven Harrop Steven Harrop $1,506
1540th Sherry Bittner Sherry Bittner $1,363
6896th Hunter Robertson Hunter Robertson $289
N/A Fernando SOBERANES Valenzuela Fernando SOBERANES Valenzuela $0
N/A Jim Davis Jim Davis $0
41st Team Archibald Team Archibald $5,912
Members of Team Archibald
2012th Jeremy Sells Jeremy Sells $1,117
5943rd Thomas Frazer Thomas Frazer $457
8949th Archer Sinchai Archer Sinchai $104
8949th Wilson D Wilson D $104
10601st Andrea Vanderpool Andrea Vanderpool $36
N/A Patrick LeVora Patrick LeVora $0
42nd Ride to Cure Ride to Cure $5,876
Members of Ride to Cure
348th Manjeet K. Manjeet K. $3,489
1629th Amritpal Chhabra Amritpal Chhabra $1,306
2618th Rip Singh Rip Singh $925
8715th Navjot Madahar Navjot Madahar $120
N/A harpreet singh harpreet singh $0
N/A Nilesh Shah Nilesh Shah $0
43rd Roll or Bounce Roll or Bounce $5,822
Members of Roll or Bounce
779th Laini Byfield Laini Byfield $2,372
44th GCC Dayton GCC Dayton $5,807
Members of GCC Dayton
404th Verb Washington Verb Washington $3,243
1133rd Kathleen Washington Kathleen Washington $1,726
4346th Jonathon Gebhardt Jonathon Gebhardt $588
7230th Jordan Benton Jordan Benton $250
N/A Lakeisha Johnson Lakeisha Johnson $0
45th Team Addy Team Addy $5,760
Members of Team Addy
489th Donald Girouard Donald Girouard $3,013
581st Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $2,747
46th Wenckebikers Wenckebikers $5,669
Members of Wenckebikers
161st Benjamin Moritz Schaefer Benjamin Moritz Schaefer $5,287
8510th Deirdre McKibbin-Vaughan Deirdre McKibbin-Vaughan $128
9570th Rena Patierno Rena Patierno $72
47th Shut up Legs Shut up Legs $5,535
Members of Shut up Legs
234th Greg Novak Greg Novak $4,300
1759th Mike Cicchetti Mike Cicchetti $1,235
N/A John Mackenzie John Mackenzie $0
48th Spokes Spokes $5,477
Members of Spokes
298th Mike Hassett Mike Hassett $3,768
2143rd Roland Simmons Roland Simmons $1,074
3979th David Lewallen David Lewallen $635
49th Dylan’s Team Dylan’s Team $5,365
Members of Dylan’s Team
468th Joan Nauman Joan Nauman $3,069
1009th Kathi Chaszczewski Kathi Chaszczewski $1,876
50th Cycling Against Cancer Cycling Against Cancer $5,335
Members of Cycling Against Cancer
388th Joel Biller Joel Biller $3,331
1620th Norbert Schoeneich Norbert Schoeneich $1,310
3803rd Casey Lilac Casey Lilac $658