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Rank Name Raised
42nd Keith Young Keith Young 6years $1,256
N/A Mark LeBlanc Mark LeBlanc $0
N/A Mark Schimmelpfenig Mark Schimmelpfenig 6years $0
N/A Mike Louwaert Mike Louwaert 2years $0
N/A Nathan Hogg Nathan Hogg 2years $0
106th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll 7years $698
N/A Rick Pittenger Rick Pittenger 2years $0
N/A Robert Riggs Robert Riggs 5years $0
N/A Ron Padilla Ron Padilla 7years $0
N/A Ryan Boessel Ryan Boessel 4years $0
N/A Sean Frazier Sean Frazier 7years $0
N/A Timothy Phillips Timothy Phillips 3years $0
N/A Brett Kussow Brett Kussow $0
N/A Chad Hill Chad Hill 5years $0
N/A Eddie Sierra Eddie Sierra 3years $0
N/A Guy Wolf Guy Wolf 4years $0
101st John Powers John Powers 5years $714
434th Linda Ryan Linda Ryan 4years $259
1730th Peter Carnes Peter Carnes 5years $52
N/A Saravia-Bañuelos Alma Saravia-Bañuelos Alma 3years $0