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Rank Name Raised
97th Allen Bunn Allen Bunn 4years $439
98th Kevin Dowkes Kevin Dowkes 4years $424
99th Jay Mercado Jay Mercado 6years $424
100th Louis Money Louis Money 3years $420
101st Debi Cool King Debi Cool King 4years $418
102nd Pamela Hawes Pamela Hawes 4years $412
103rd Joseph Loughrey Joseph Loughrey 2years $405
104th Saturnina Reyes Saturnina Reyes $404
105th David Cote David Cote 5years $398
106th Etty Sims Etty Sims 3years $393
107th Joe Nordstrom Joe Nordstrom 6years $391
108th Edmund Damron Edmund Damron 7years $387
109th Cheryl Carnock Zollinger Cheryl Carnock Zollinger 4years $385
110th Mike Schiller Mike Schiller 7years $383
111th Melissa McKenney Melissa McKenney 2years $381
112th William Hurt William Hurt 2years $379
113th Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 5years $369
114th Allen Nguyen Allen Nguyen 2years $369
115th Ralph Alcala Ralph Alcala 3years $362
116th Ron Williams Ron Williams 7years $362