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Rank Name Raised
40th Michael Hescock Michael Hescock $1,201
41st Craig Burlingame Craig Burlingame 3years $1,174
42nd Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons 6years $1,149
43rd Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker 4years $1,134
44th Erik Brengman Erik Brengman 2years $1,120
45th Todd Osikowicz Todd Osikowicz $1,102
46th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson 3years $1,093
47th David Bogardus David Bogardus 2years $1,081
48th Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $1,080
49th Kayla White Kayla White $1,065
50th Phil Moody-Sarquis Phil Moody-Sarquis 6years $1,018
51st Laz Llanes Laz Llanes 3years $1,004
52nd Sylvia Waldsmith Sylvia Waldsmith 7years $1,000
53rd Howard High Howard High 6years $996
54th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor 7years $993
55th Robert Freitas Robert Freitas $988
56th Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby 3years $972
57th Sally Rech Sally Rech 4years $959
58th Sean Flynn Sean Flynn 3years $939
59th John Balena John Balena 2years $928